Made in America

19-11-2017, 09:04

The world of fraudsters and drug barons has always interested the audience with its romance. It was in this world that the protagonist of the film “Made in America”, based on a true story, fell. The character of Tom Cruise is Barry, who works as a pilot and occasionally earns money by smuggling first-class Cuban cigarettes in his own cabin.
He ran into a CIA agent who is well aware of his sins. He faces a prison term if Barry does not help him in such a complex matter. In particular, Barry should be a pilot for a secret mission to transport weapons to Latin and Central America, which fights against the Communists. The USSR supports the Communists, and the USA supports the rebels.

Barry agreed to this job and later flew on his first flight. He easily received permission to cross the airspace. At his disposal was the fastest aircraft of the time with 2 powerful engines. But once he was put in a car and brought straight to Pablo Escobar, who was looking for an opportunity to transport tons of cocaine to the USA.And he found this opportunity because he saw her in Barry’s face. He knew that this gringo could do absolutely anything.

Barry was able to fly up from a challenging jungle runway that was too short. Escobar and his friends almost became part of the Barry family. Life has changed dramatically.

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