Lunar calendar for March 2018

For the 2018, the calendar is a calendar for March 2018. This is a concept of a person’s energy field. Knowledge of the moon, nature, and man. It is enough to get the moon’s energy.

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Lunar calendar for March 2018 in the table

The third month of 2018:

Number, day of week, day of lunar synodal For new moon, quarter, decreasing Active zodiac sign

(Moscow time)

Energy of the synodal day
March 1, year 2018


Synodal days from 14 to 15

Young, in intensive growth From 8:50 is in Virgo Moderately positive, favorable
March 2, year 2018


15th and 16th synodal day

Full moon Located in the constellation of Virgo The beginning of the day is favorable
March 3, year 2018


16th and 17th synodal day

Adult, in decreasing order At 11:10 goes into Libra
March 4, year 2018


17 and 18 lunar synodal days

Decreasing In the sign of Libra
March 5, the year 2018


18th and 19th synodal day

In descending state Located in Scorpio from 16:16
March 6, the year 2018


19 and 20 lunar synodal day

Decreasing Located in the constellation Scorpio Auspicious, active day
March 7, the year 2018


20 lunar day

Phase "Descending" In the zodiac sign of Scorpio


March 8, the year 2018


20-21 synodal days

Is decreasing


In the constellation Sagittarius

from 1:07

March 9, the year 2018


21 and 22 days

Quarter moon third

At 14:23

In sign Sagittarius
March 10, year 2018


22 and 23 lunar synodal day


Decreasing In the Zodiac sign Capricorn with 13:06
March 11, the year 2018


23 and 24 lunar day

Decreasing old In capricorn
March 12, the year 2018


24 and 25 day

Decreasing Located in Capricorn
March 13, the year 2018


25 and 26 lunar synodal day

Old, in a decreasing phase At 2:00 goes to the constellation Aquarius Positive
March 14, the year 2018


26 and 27 lunar day

Decreasing In aquarius The first half of the day is favorable.
March 15, the year 2018


27 - 28 days

Decreasing From 13:25 moves in Pisces
March 16, year 2018


28 and 29 day

Phase "Descending" In the sign of the zodiac "Pisces"
March 17, the year 2018


Days: 29; thirty; one

Moon new In Aries from 22:04
March 18, the year 2018


1 and 2 days

Young, in the growth phase In aries
March 19, year 2018


2 - 3 synodal day

Is growing Moves in aries
March 20, year 2018


3 and 4 day

In growth Moves to Taurus to 4:03
March 21, the year 2018


4 - 5 lunar synodal day

Growing In taurus
March 22, the year 2018


5, 6 synodal day

Growing In Gemini with 8:19 Favorable
March 23, the year 2018


6 - 7 day

Grow phase Moves in the constellation Gemini
March 24, year 2018


7 and 8 day

The first quarter at 18:36 In Cancer from 11:44
March 25, the year 2018


8th and 9th synodal day

Young growing In the sign of Cancer
March 26, the year 2018


9 - 10 lunar day


Is growing In the constellation of Cancer
March 27, year 2018


10 and 11 synodal days

In the growing phase Turns into sign Leo at 14:43 Positive
March 28, the year 2018

11 and 12 days

Young, in the growth phase At 17:29 goes to the Virgin
March 29, the year 2018


12 - 13 day

Growing In the constellation Virgo
March 30, year 2018


13th and 14th synodal day

Growing Go to Libra at 20:43
March 31, year 2018


14 - 15 days

Full Moon at 15:38 In the sign of Libra Positive

Positive energy days

It has been noted that it has been moving away from the water. But the Small Star also supports the harmony. Therefore, these days are charged.

The rate of positively positive impulses from space. The moon is in Virgo, where it ends growth. This is a clear day of energy flow. It is seen that it can be spontaneous.

colorful moon

The moon's impulses are moderately positive, of moderate severity. This will allow march to live peacefully, calmly. There are no plans, but global catastrophes are not planned. You can make plans for the future. The changing of the image, even the changing jobs.

March promises:

  • Update, positive, inner peace.
  • Spiritual and creative enthusiasm, the desire to work.
  • Romantic meetings, love.

It seems that the relationship has ended. However, it’s not a problem. March 2018

Moon in march

In general, the month promises the anticipation of something good. The moon is a positive, majestic.Moving, repeating it again and again. March month offers renewal, peace of mind. This is a wonderful time for expanding horizons.

It is a field of energy. He experiences all the moon vibrations on himself.You can understand yourself, to avoid meaningless frustration and grief. It is a great opportunity to observe the balance of mind.

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