"Linex" for children: reviews, instructions for use, release forms

Practically all parents in one degree or another were concerned with the problem of dysbacteriosis and intestinal disorders in children of different ages. With or changing food in babies, constipation, diarrhea, colic, or indigestion may occur. To normalize the child’s condition and eliminate these unpleasant manifestations, the doctor prescribes a drug from the group of probiotics. This article will discuss one of these drugs - Linex. We will tell about it, about its effect on the children's organism, side effects and the regimen of administration.

linex for kids reviews

The main indications for use will be obvious signs of dysbiosis. These include manifestations such as diarrhea, constipation, dyspepsia, abdominal distention, flatulence, nausea, belching, pain in the lower abdomen. Often this disease may be accompanied by a rash on the skin. "Linex" can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics, which will allow you to replenish the beneficial microflora that died as a result of the action of these drugs.

Operating principle

Everyone knows that not all bacteria that are present in the human body cause harm. There are useful types of microorganisms that have a favorable symbiotic relationship with the human body. First of all, these are bacteria of the intestinal microflora. They consume substances that enter the intestine, while producing the necessary organic acids, amino acids and vitamins. In addition, they displace many harmful microorganisms, create a protective layer on the surface of the intestinal mucosa and produce substances that inhibit their reproduction. So the useful intestinal microflora prevents dangerous infectious diseases.

Why take the drug

According to reviews, Linex for children is a combination drug that contains three components. These components are representatives of the natural microflora from different parts of the intestine. The drug has a high proven efficacy as a therapeutic and prophylactic against dysbacteriosis of various origins, including those provoked by taking antibacterial drugs.The drug promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, which are vital for the normal functioning of the intestine. This drug is part of the probiotic group that contains live milk bacteria. The presence of these bacteria in the intestines of a healthy child is the norm, since they constitute a barrier to pathogenic microflora that provoke various diseases.

Lacto-and bifidobacteria multiply in the intestine and stimulate the production of substances such as B vitamins, nicotinic acid, vitamins K, E, ascorbic acid, folic acid. The use of "Linex" for children, judging by the reviews, stimulates the metabolism of proteins and high-grade bile acid metabolism. In addition, the bacteria that make up the drug, change the level of acidity, which leads to a reduction in the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microbes. The presence of bifidobacteria in the composition of the drug causes a pH shift in the intestine towards the acidic environment by fermentation of certain substances. The acidic environment inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora and ensures the normal functioning of digestive enzymes.It also improves the functioning of the immune system, which helps the body recover faster after taking antibiotic therapy or infections of various kinds. The presence of lacto-and bifidobacteria is extremely important for the children's body, since they contribute to more efficient processing of protein foods and help the exchange of bile acids. This confirms the instruction and feedback to the drug "Linex" for children.

The drug helps to restore the intestinal biocenosis and levels the unwanted symptoms of dysbiosis. BB-12 bifidobacteria are present in breast milk, so they colonize the baby’s intestine immediately after it was born. In babies who are breastfed, about 90% of the total microflora is represented by bifidobacteria. They are safe and well tolerated by a child’s body. The impact of these bacteria contributes to the gradual formation of normal microflora in the intestines of the infant and creates a natural environment conducive to digestive enzymes.
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Release form

A review of Linex for children indicates that the drug is available in several dosage forms (capsules, drops, and powder),but pediatricians, in most cases when prescribing infants, prefer medicine in the form of powder or drops, which are produced specifically for young patients. The solution is packaged in bottles of 8 ml, which are equipped with a dropper.


Judging by the reviews, sachet "Linex" for children contains in its composition lacto-and bifidobacteria, maltodextrin, citric acid, vitamin E, sunflower oil. The powder in the form of a crystalline white mass is packaged in special bags, which are designed for one reception. Regardless of the form in which the preparation is released, the main active ingredient is dried bifidobacterium Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis. The difference between the powder and the drops is that they contain maltodextrin (a starch breakdown product), it has a slightly sweetish taste, is completely safe for the child’s body and is allowed even in infant formula.

According to reviews, "Linex" for children in powder and in the form of drops is a dietary supplement and is sold without a doctor's prescription. The powder has a shelf life of two years closed and four months if the package is opened. Drops can also be stored for two years in unopened packaging and only one month after opening.The drug in these forms of release is recommended for reception from the first days of a child's life. Can "Linex" for children with diarrhea? Reviews consider below.


linex instruction for kids reviews

The list of indications for taking this medication is quite wide and includes stool disorders (in the form of constipation or diarrhea), mucus in the excrement, green color of feces, lumps of undigested food, colic in infancy, impaired digestive functions, and antibacterial drugs. In addition, the doctor may prescribe medication when transferring the child to artificial feeding or introduction of complementary foods. In this case, the intestines of a small child can not always cope with the new product and digest it. In addition to these indications, there are so-called risk factors, under which the doctor can recommend the administration of drops for children "Linex" (reviews confirm this). These usually include:

  • premature birth or child birth by caesarean section;
  • unstable general condition of the baby immediately after birth;
  • the inability to give the breast immediately after childbirth;
  • early transfer of the baby to artificial nutrition;
  • instability of intestinal motor functions;
  • ending breastfeeding at an older age and switching to “adult nutrition”;
  • teething period;
  • stressful situations, for example, weaning from a pacifier, change of residence, departure of the mother, etc.
  • high frequency of colds.

"Linex" for children under one year, judging by the reviews, has recently been appointed more and more.


The main contraindication in this case is the intolerance of any of the components of the drug, as well as sensitivity to dairy products.

Reception method

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For babies of infancy, Linex drops for children are the most preferred option. According to reviews, the composition does not contain gluten, palm oil and lactose, that is, substances that children often do not tolerate. The dosage of the drug depends on the purpose of the reception and is different depending on the age of the patient. The need to comply with it is emphasized in the reviews. For children under one year, Linex is prescribed six drops three times a day. Babies from one to three years old - ten drops three times a day. At the age of three to ten years, children can take the drug fifteen to twenty drops three times a day.

If you plan to take "Linex Forte" children (reviews confirm) in the form of powder, then appoint one sachet 2-3 times a day. The powder must first be diluted 1-2 ml of boiled water or breast milk. A suspension should be homogeneous. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the disease and the characteristics of the organism. As a rule, the course of treatment ranges from two weeks to a month to achieve a sustainable therapeutic effect. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after a while. When taking the drug in conjunction with antibacterial drugs, you must take a break between them for at least three hours. This is evidenced by the instructions for use to "Linex" for children. In the reviews, parents of young patients also emphasize this fact.

Adverse Reactions and Overdose

According to the instructions and reviews, treatment with the drug “Linex” for children is well tolerated, but especially sensitive children may respond to the drug with abdominal distension, rumbling, belching, and infants - with regurgitation. There were no cases of overdose, but in order to avoid undesirable manifestations, it is recommended to observe the dosage determined by the attending physician.The initiation of probiotics may coincide in time with the intake of antibacterial drugs that have a detrimental effect on the immune system and intestinal microflora. The simultaneous use of probiotics and enterosorbents from constipation is not recommended. In the reviews about "Linex" for children, it is indicated that with such an interaction, the effectiveness of the drug is significantly reduced.
linex for children reviews from constipation

This drug is not recommended to drink hot liquid, because it leads to the death of beneficial microflora and ultimately reduces the effectiveness of the drug to zero. You should be aware that such manifestations as diarrhea, bloating, can signal not only dysbacteriosis, but also other more serious pathologies. Therefore, if there is no improvement in the condition of taking probiotics for a long time, and the excrement of blood, pus, mucus continues, it is urgent to seek medical help. A long period of diarrhea in a child can cause dehydration. It is necessary to monitor the child’s stool and, if it happens more than five times a day, drink as much as possible and use saline solutions for ingestion and retaining fluid in the body.When sharing the medication with other medicines, no undesirable interactions were found. It must be said that this medicine is approved for use during pregnancy and lactation. This is confirmed by reviews of "Linex". It can also be used for newborns.


The drug has a number of analogues with identical composition. To this group belong:

  • "Bifiform" capsules. The capsule must be opened and poured into a small spoon, diluted with milk or boiled water and given to the child.
  • "Atsilakt" in the form of candles. Used rectally. When released into the intestine, beneficial bacteria normalize microflora and suppress pathogenic microorganisms.
  • "Enterol", produced in the form of capsules or powder. Take as well as "Linex" for children, instructions and reviews confirm this.
  • "Laktofiltrum" presented in tablets. The advantage of this drug is that in addition to its direct action on the normalization of microflora, the drug absorbs toxins from the intestines, allergens, which are then eliminated from the body naturally with feces.
  • "Bifidumbakterin" - capsules that contain dried milk bacteria.
  • “Hilak” is produced in the form of drops, which have a sour taste, which is not very welcomed by small children. A single dose of the drug for the reception should be diluted with water.

linex sachet for kids reviewsIn most cases, all these drugs can be used in children from the first days of life, but you should still check with the doctor for the recommended dosage.

Differences of drops and powder from the encapsulated form

Until the Linex release form was developed specifically for children, pediatricians prescribed ordinary medicine in the form of capsules. Many parents are interested: are there any fundamental differences between them? Consider this question in more detail:

  1. The tool in the form of capsules is a medical product, and Linex for children is a dietary supplement.
  2. In addition to bifidobacteria, the capsules contain lactobacilli and enterococci.
  3. The qualitative composition of the capsules differs from the powder form.
  4. The strains of bifidobacteria in the capsules and in the pediatric form are different. Children's form contains proven strains of bacteria, the effectiveness of which is beyond doubt and has long been proven.
  5. In the composition of the bags of additives is present only maltodextrin, and capsules contain other additives.
  6. Capsules also contain lactose, which can cause allergies.
  7. Capsules must be taken more frequently than powder or drops.


linex for children reviews with diarrhea

According to the testimony of some doctors, the use of "Linex" at an early age damages the body of a child. Since the formation of microflora in the intestine should occur naturally. But in practice, it has been proven that the drug does not adversely affect the child’s body, but, on the contrary, helps to cope with the existing problems. Parents express different opinions about the use of this drug. In some cases, it is noted that the use of the drug gave a good stable result only during the first course of treatment. In subsequent cases, when children were prescribed a drug for antibiotic therapy, the result was not as effective. Other parents note that powders and capsules are inconvenient for kids, it is better and easier to give the medicine in the form of drops. And many of them consider the high cost of the medication to be the only, but very significant, minus.Also, parents from undesirable manifestations note the fastening of the chair in cases where there were no problems with this before treatment. But in most cases there are positive effects: a decrease in the intensity of colic, the normalization of digestion and stool.

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