Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled.

Such situations, though not often, happen. And it is important not to make a mistake in them, so as not to gain an additional headache and avoid unexpected expenses, as happened with one of my friends.
It was after his letter that I had the idea of ​​writing a post on this topic.
So, the airline decided to cancel the flight you are flying. The reasons may be different: from the banal optimization and combining the morning and evening voyage into one to a strike or the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.
As a rule, you will find out about this almost before the very departure, sometimes even at night via SMS or e-mail. Naturally, there is little joy, you frantically ring the call center of the airline and start thinking what to do. Especially if you are not flying to the final destination, but you have further docking, hotel reservation, a cruise, and your entire journey threatens to cover you with a copper basin.
In this case, it is important to do everything right and not to make annoying mistakes.

My friend made two mistakes
Error one.After receiving an SMS from the airline at night with a warning about the cancellation of the flight, he did not immediately call the hotline or check his booking on the airline’s website, but went to bed, about to decide everything in the morning ..
The fact is that AK can not simply take and cancel the flight without offering the client options. And your task as soon as possible to choose the best of the options offered, so that the airline issued a replacement ticket, as well as subsequent segments. You should understand that another 100-200 people received the same notice who had tickets for this flight and they, too, will strive to fly faster and more conveniently. Well, as you know, who did not have time, he was late. Further options may be very uncomfortable. And even on the next day, completely breaking you all your plans.
Error two.When he went to the site in the morning and realized that he had gone to bed in vain and the alternatives were very inconvenient, he made the second mistake - he bought a ticket with docking to his destination from another airline. He decided to accept the loss of 200 dollars with a little, but not break the timing of his journey.
At that moment, when he didn’t fly on his first ticket, he created a problem for himself to return home from a trip: when he came to the check-in desk, all sunburned and in good spirits, he was discouraged by the information that his ticket was canceled, for him to fly out cannot and will have to ... buy the full ticket again. And to solve something here will not work. And if he had not made the second mistake, he would have flown back as planned.
We will understand why it happened.
The fact is that, despite the cancellation of the first flight, my friend's ticket was not canceled or canceled. But he did not implement the canceled segment and the one following it, after the transplant. And then the ticket was canceled. Fully. Including segments "back." Alas, these are the rules. But he did not take this into account.
Remember one important thing:flight cancellation is not your problem, but an airline problem. And she must solve it! There are no convenient connections - the provision of a hotel for the time of the forced stay at the airport and the replacement of all the flew segments as agreed with you. As a last resort - monetary compensation if it is not possible to find options. And then buy a ticket when the formalities are completed.
My friend should, despite the lack of convenient docking options, which he did not see on the site, go to check-in and demand to send it at the front desk on the next flight. Often, these passengers are simply thrown into the business class cabin or even sent by another carrier at the expense of the airline that canceled the flight if the nearest flights are 100% full.

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Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 11

Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 41

Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 45

Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 21

Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 40

Life hacking. What NOT to do if your flight is canceled 85