LG WiFi Adapter for TV: choice and connection

Most of the modern models of "smart" TVs support the connection to function. In this case, the most popular is the wireless connection, despite the possible speed limits. After all, then the TV can be placed in any room of the apartment, while it is not necessary to "pull" any additional wires.

If you plan to buy a Wi-Fi-adapter for a particular model, then you need to know the basic parameters that must be taken into account. This article will talk about how to choose and connect the Lg Wi-Fi adapter for the TV.

Modern LG TVs

In televisions, a wireless connection is necessary not only to connect to the network, but also to connect peripheral devices. With the TV, which is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can easily use the famous Magic Remote. In their reviews, many users say that it provides "unheard of new degrees of freedom and unprecedented opportunities."

TV, which is equipped with Wi-Fi

You can also use a smartphone instead of a remote control. For this, it installs LG Remote - a proprietary application.

Many popular models that are labeled WiFi Ready, in fact, the module itself is not equipped. For example, the adapter for the model Lg32LN570V will need to buy and connect independently. However, by installing a suitable WiFi adapter for your LG TV, you can enjoy all the functionality of the wireless Internet on it.

Even if you feel confident with mobile and computer equipment, but have never dealt with "smart TV", then you will need to familiarize yourself with the specifics of this technology. This experience will help you easily and easily set up a “smart TV” at home and enjoy working in your multimedia home.

Choosing a WiFi adapter

Today, "smart TVs" are not yet in high demand. Therefore, the situation with the choice of accessories for them resembles a similar situation with mobile phones in the mid-2000s. Then each phone manufacturer used only individual accessories and connector types. Not all TVs with internet are equipped with built-in wireless Wi-Fi.Such models (for example, LG 32LN570V) are marked Ready Wi-Fi. It means that the wireless Internet module is not in the TV, but you can get the necessary functionality with a Wi-Fi adapter.

TVs Lg Wi-Fi adapter

Today, of course, it is simpler from a hardware point of view - the Wi-Fi adapter is connected via a standard USB connector. But the TV firmware will not allow you to use any adapter model, it will work only with LG branded adapters.

Thus, with the question of how to choose a Wi-Fi adapter for an LG TV, it becomes necessary to determine the compatibility of specific models. In the domestic market today, only a few models of adapters are popular and available.

AN-WF100 WiFi Adapter for LG TV

The model looks like a normal USB-drive and is inserted into the standard port. The more advanced and updated AN-WF500 model is connected via a MiniUSB cable and looks like a small box.

LG TV with Wi-Fi adapter

AN-WF500 is much more expensive, but has significant advantages:

  • connecting via a cord ensures that the adapter does not interfere with other USB devices;
  • The adapter works not only to provide Wi-Fi access, but also Bluetooth. This feature allows you to connect various peripherals to the TV (headset, sound bars, etc.).

As the name implies, adapters support Wi-Fi 802.11 standards.They provide a transfer rate of 300 MB, while working in two bands.

These parameters will be enough for viewing online video from the Internet in FullHD quality. In addition, it is possible to watch media content from local sources (smartphone or computer).

Council If you do not have a router, then you can use the TV itself in its quality. The cable for the Internet is connected to the TV connector, and the wireless module is needed to “distribute” the Internet.

According to the manufacturer, in addition to the LG WiFi adapter to the TV of this brand can not connect another. But there is a small subtlety. Since the LG brand itself does not develop adapters, but only modifies ready-made models, for LG you can try to find analogs. For example, the model Netgear WNDA3100v2 stands on Broadcom chips, as well as brand adapters. And with a high probability (although not always) is recognized by the TV.

Model LG AN WF100

You can go for another trick. Existing miniature routers that can not only distribute, but also receive content via Wi-Fi. You can set up a universal WiFi adapter for your LG TV to receive a wireless network and connect to the LAN port on the TV.

TV connection options to the "web"

At its core, the direct connection of the TV to the Internet is reduced to the choice of the type of connection: wireless or wired. Virtually all TVs today have an Ethernet connector. Therefore, the most basic way to connect is to hold the Ethernet cable to the TV from the router, and the wireless connection via Wi-Fi is an alternative.

Cable connection setup

All you really need is to connect the necessary cables, and allow the TV to recognize it. The TV will then go online through the installed router. And the connection setup is reduced to the proper configuration of the router itself. Internet features need to be enabled in the TV settings. And that's all - now you can enjoy the functionality of the television Internet. Please note that there are some difficulties with laying, moving the wires and other nuances of cable connections. They can be avoided by using a wireless connection.

TV with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Council If, after all, you decided to connect the TV via cable, then the wireless module may be useful to you anyway.For example, the TV can be used as a router. Just for this, the corresponding section "Network" in the settings menu is activated.

Set up your Wi-Fi

There shouldn't be any problems with WiFi adapters for LG TV. Connection is the same as with home servers, computers or smartphones:

  • the connection function is selected in the settings menu, and the necessary one is selected from the number of available networks;
  • using the keyboard of the screen enter the password;
  • Configure the connection once. In the future, the main thing is to ensure that the adapter does not fall out of the socket. This will cause the settings to fail;
  • The AN-WF100 adapter, fortunately, is securely held in the USB connector, and the AN-WF500 is preferably secured to the TV case with the Velcro, which is included in the kit.

With both methods, the router itself and its proper configuration are much more important.

Wi-Fi-adapter for LG TV: connection

Model LG AN WF100 is the simplest version of the adapter. In shape, it looks like a flash drive and is inserted into the USB connector of the TV. The adapter is automatically recognized by the TV after connection.


Since LG is committed to maximum compatibility and unification, the adapter is ideal for the LG 32LN570V TV model (as well as other models from the Wi-Fi Ready class).After installation, no additional steps are required. Since most TVs have a connector that resembles the classic PCMCIA computer specification, many users try to install a similar WiFi adapter into it. However, enthusiasts in the upgrade awaits disappointment. Through this slot, which is equipped with TVs that have a built-in digital receiver, it is possible to connect exclusively a CAM module that decodes a digital signal. And the installation in this slot of equipment for other purposes is not possible.


At present, you can only choose between models of devices connected via USB. Of course, it is recommended to purchase an adapter of the appropriate brand, but it is likely that compatible modules will work on an identical hardware platform. In the world of "smart TVs" universal compatibility, which is implemented in an environment of mobile accessories and computers, no. Therefore, branded models of accessories or their analogues are usually compatible with TVs of a particular brand (including LG).

But there are some advantages in this situation.Televisions almost immediately recognize the connected accessories and use them. If you connect an external module, then you can immediately start using the Internet.


The range of equipment for "smart TVs" today is quite wide, but not any WiFi adapter for the TV will fit your model. If you need to connect your LG TV to the Internet, then the adapter with the wireless module can do this without any problems.

tv internet

Making sure that the TV does not have a built-in wireless module, feel free to purchase and connect an external adapter to your LG TV.

With the easy-to-use Netgear universal adapter, you can connect your TV and other devices to the Internet in minutes. With a network cable, the TV connects to the Internet and a universal adapter, and with the help of embedded technology, the device automatically adjusts and remembers the Wi-Fi network settings.

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