Lewis Lennox - the legendary boxer

Lewis Lennox - famous boxer, professional. A British boxer was born in 1965 in Westham. The ascent of the athlete began in the amateur ring, like many of his predecessors. Lewis represented the boxers of the most prestigious weight class - heavy.

Lewis Lennox

Amateur boxing

Lewis Lennox twice participated in the Olympic Games: in 1984 and 1988. At that time he was in the Canadian national team, which means that he represented this particular country.

In the first games, Lennox failed to achieve any results: the boxer did not manage to go through even the qualifying competition. But the second time Lewis managed to rehabilitate. Boxer managed to win a major achievement in his career. Although many did not consider the victory of Lennox unconditional, because in those games the danger was represented by the Cuban national team. In the final battle, the British boxer managed to beat Bow Riddick, a boxer who was pushed by Lewis into the professional ring again.

Absolute champion

In the fall of 1992, an open tournament took place in which the strongest world heavyweights showed their skills. The tournament was held in order to assign the title of absolute champion of its weight.

First, Lewis Lennox easily defeated Radocom Donovan. The second semi-final was remembered by boxing fans for the British victory over Evander Holyfield. But the famous Riddick Bowe did not express his desire to fight Lennox, for which he paid with his belt of champion. It was rare to see such a box, Lennox Lewis could hit the judges and spectators.

fights of Lennox Lewis

Dramatic standoffs

Fights of Lennox Lewis have always been distinguished by their drama. For example, in 1994, he was defeated in a duel with Oliver McCall. But after 3 years, Lennox managed to win the same McCall in a rematch and regain the title.

Lewis Lennox met in the ring, even with such a famous heavyweight, like Mike Tyson, in 2002. By the way, he won this fight in the 8th round thanks to a knockout blow. In the battle with Vitali Klitschko (Ukrainian boxer), the victory in the 6th round was won. The fight ended in a technical knockout. Klitschko had a strong eyebrow.

All the boxing fans in 1999 watched a spectacular fight between Evander Hollyfield and Lennox Lewis. In the first battle was a draw, but in the second part Lewis scored a spectacular victory and won the title of the indestructible champion.

Call Klitschko

After his retirement from professional boxing at one of the press conferences, the British champion told everyone he was ready to return to the ring to fight with Klitschko, but didn’t specify with which of the brothers.

In addition, the boxer told a very interesting news. It turns out that during a visit to the capital of Russia, he was offered 50 million dollars for fighting with any of the Klitschko brothers.

boxing lennox lewis

But the Briton does not agree on the amount announced, he will be more satisfied with a reward of 100 million. And it seems that Lewis says it is not a joke. He said that the Russian side was thinking about the proposal.

The British champion said that he would be ready for battle in six months. Boxer diligently preparing for this battle.

Briton's personal life

In 2002, all the American media were full of information that the absolute boxing champion had met his other half and was about to marry.Many said that Lennox wants to connect his life with the singer Aisha Max. But gossip was not destined to come true.

3 years after the fight with Tyson, Lewis married the Jamaican beauty Chang Violet. The couple were born 4 charming daughters. The wife of a boxer insisted that Lewis end his professional career. The question was acute, the sportsman had a choice: either a sport or a family. Of course, Lennox chose his wife and daughters.

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