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Leonard name meaning and name interpretation. Leonard is like a lion, a reflection of a lion (dr. Germ.).
Name days, patron saints. The Orthodox calendar does not appear, but since this name corresponds in meaning to Leonid, then the Leonards can easily assume his name day (see the article).
The zodiac name is Libra. The planet is Venus. The color of the name is green. Auspicious tree is an apple tree. A cherished plant is an orchid. Patron of the name - sable. Stone mascot - diamond.
Diminutive forms. Lyonya, Lera.
Middle name. Leonardovich, Leonardovna.
Name and character. Leonard is extremely phlegmatic and, as a rule, pleased with himself. He likes to communicate with people, but only in order not to feel lonely and give others a reason to admire them once again. However, Leonard himself loves to admire. There is not a drop of aggressiveness in it (for some reason, this is a property of all men, in whose name the “lion” base). Leonard has the most subtle and precise intuition. Behind his outward calmness lies a talented person with an unexpected, bright imagination.Leonard is very versatile. he achieves remarkable professionalism in everything he undertakes, but he can achieve particular success in art.
Name in history and literature. Leonard A. Yanchevsky - Russian geologist, mining engineer. Born in 1858. He graduated from the course at the Mining Institute. Geological research was carried out in the Transbaikal region, then in the vicinity of Nerchinsk and along the tributaries of the Onon river (gold mining) and in 1889 the coal deposits of the Kyrgyz steppes, and in 1900 the conditions of gold bearing in the Yenisei mining district. With the beginning of the construction of the Siberian Railway, Yanchevsky joined the geological party, which carried out research along the Central Siberian and Baikal-Baikal sections of the Siberian Railway. B 1896 and 1897 He discovered extensive primary deposits of jade along the system of the Onon and Urek rivers in the Irkutsk province. Later, Yanchevsky was a professor of mineralogy at the Ekaterinoslav Higher Mining School.

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