Generation of late virgins?

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I, of course, suspected that a significant part of modern adolescents and young men were politicized virgins. But when I saw the research, and, moreover, not domestic, but European - I was horrified. Every eighth 26-year-old boy is a virgin. And it is only those who confessed. The results can be even higher!
And this at a time when a partner for sex can be found, literally, in two clicks! What the hell is going on with them ?!
Scientists have offered several explanations for this phenomenon.
The first is that modern teens have grown up in a culture of hypersexuality and easy access to pornography. A series of perfect naked bodies and stone erections led to the fact that they simply can not imagine themselves - not perfect - in this role. They are too afraid to screw up - because now there is a certain sexual standard to which you want to strive. Porn doesn't warm them up - it scares them.
The second is that in the case of publicity, social networks are also connected to the harassment of a teenager.Girls - and not without reason - are afraid of being humiliated in groups such as "chicken" or "shukurodernya". There are a lot of stories about how girls are persecuted for free manifestations of sexuality. Indeed, reading the youth public, I am amazed at the number of adolescents who condemn the manifestations of sexuality in girls. The free morals of the 90s were replaced by some kind of new sexual morality, much more strict and categorical. Without any external influence, they began to shut themselves off from sex as much as possible, or simply to treat it indifferently.
And, maybe, sex for them has ceased to be a forbidden fruit? They do not crave it, they are too lazy to direct their efforts to sex. I would not have thought that my peers in their youth, on a beautiful summer day, would run not to get acquainted with girls, but to show their political views. This is something new for me, unusual.

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