"Lady's fingers" - tomato for a summer residence

"Lady's fingers" - tomato, firmly wonthe confidence of truck farmers who evaluated stably high yields with relative ease in its cultivation, and housewives who fell in love with the variety for excellent flavor characteristics when preserving and preparing dishes.

Description of tomato "Lady's fingers"

"Lady's fingers" - a tomato of early termsmaturation (95-110 days from the appearance of full-fledged shoots), characterized by a very elongated, cylindrical shape of the fruit. The surface is smooth or with a slight ridge. Ripe tomatoes are characterized by a bright red color of the peel, immature have a light green color. The bushes are compact enough, in height are 60-65 cm, in greenhouse conditions can grow up to 1.2 meters.tomato ladies fingersThe leaves are dark green, medium in size. Inflorescences are simple. In the leaves arranged 1-2 leaves, 5-9 fruits are collected, the average weight of each is 50-70 grams, and the length is up to 10 cm. A variety with a small amount of seeds. Flesh is fleshy, juicy, dense. The taste is excellent. From one bush it is possible to receive about 12 kg of high-quality fruits.

High index of transportability and keeping quality; in cool vegetable stores the product can be stored for up to 4 months.

Characteristic of the variety

"Lady's fingers" - tomato universalapplication. Fruits are good in salads, perfectly suitable for whole-fruit canning, do not crack. They are an excellent flavor base in lecho, sauces and ketchups. For juices, the choice is better to stop on varieties with a thin skin and a friable flesh.tomato ladies fingers reviews

Tomato "Lady's fingers", reviews aboutcharacteristics of which are positive and are induced to acquire such a plant on their own site, is resistant to droughts, rainy weather and short-term low temperatures. Harvesting usually begins in June and continues until the first frost. Fruits can ripen both on the bushes, and being already ripped off.

Peculiarities of growing

"Lady's fingers" - a tomato that is well-behavedfeels on a lighted area with easy fertile soil. The best predecessors for such a culture are cucumbers, cabbage, onions, carrots, beans. Seeding of seeds, which are recommended for better germination in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, is carried out in the second half of March to a depth of no more than 1 cm. It is recommended to cover the planting capacity with a film to provide the greenhouse conditions. When there are 1-2 full-fledged leaves, it is necessary to make a picking of plants on individual glasses. For 1-1,5 weeks prior to disembarkation on a permanent growth site, seedlings should be hardened. The optimal time for transplantation is the second half of May.

Planting seedlings in the open ground is carried out ondistance of bushes in a half-meter from each other with a width of rows between 50-60 cm. m it is recommended to place 6-9 shrubs. The variety can be grown in a greenhouse manner and in open ground conditions.

Care instructions

Tomato "Lady's fingers" (the photo fully conveys all its originality and attractiveness) is a sort of unpretentious in care.lady's fingers tomatoImportant components of a full-fledged growth of cultureand obtaining a high quality yield is timely abundant watering, loosening of the upper soil layer and the removal of weeds. It is desirable to conduct the moisture supply in the evening hours 2-3 times a week (in the dry season - 5-6 times) with constant warm water. According to ogorodnikov, for its constant availability on the site, you can put a barrel of water and constantly replenish the supply of liquid. Also, the plant must be fed with mineral preparations.

To diseases the variety is medium-stable. Can be affected by mosaic, manifested as a change in the color of the leaves and the appearance of white or green spots; The flesh of the fruits turns black, the tomatoes themselves are deformed. Seedlings affected by this infection slow down in growth; in adult plants wrinkling and changes in the shape of the branches are observed, as well as the depressed form of the bush as a whole. Mosaic tomatoes can cause about 20% of crop losses. Therefore, an important factor in growing healthy shrubs is quality seed. If this disease is detected, it is necessary to carefully remove the affected parts of the plant and burn them.

Tomato is a product containing in its compositionsubstance serotonin, otherwise known as the "hormone of joy." With sufficient concentration in the product, the use of tomatoes causes an increase in mood, maintenance of the tone of the nervous system and excellent health.

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