John Tytore: The Time Traveler Story

There is hardly a person who would not have dreamed of finding out what awaits us and our planet in the future. Is it possible to hope to meet with those who have already been there and probably know about the upcoming events? Most likely, many will say that such a development is nothing more than a plot of a science fiction film and in real life such a meeting cannot happen. Of course, this statement will seem surprising to someone, but many say that the meeting with a guest from the future, whose name is John Tytor, has already taken place. Is it really? We will try to find out.

Who is John Tytore? This is a person who proclaimed himself a time traveler, a guest from the future, who came to us from 2036. In the literal sense of the word, John Tytor shook up numerous Internet forums of the early 21st century. The discussions and debates about them related to the predictions given to them. It is said that some of the events described in his reports did occur.But the identity of this person is still a mystery.

First posts

Who the name John Taytor is (sometimes the surname sounds like “Titor” in Russian transcription) was not known until January 27, 2001. This is despite the fact that this person left his first messages on the Internet on November 2, 2000 .

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However, then they were signed a little differently - TimeTravel. Two years earlier, on July 29, 1998, he sent two faxes for the host of a night talk show. These messages said that he was a time traveler, has been here since April of this year and is soon going to depart.

Tytor's statements

Appearing on the Internet, this man left many predictions there. Some of them were very specific and did not allow double interpretation. Others were rather vague.

John Taytor described to readers a terrible future. In it, the United States was divided into five small countries. The infrastructure and environment of the once mighty America were destroyed by nuclear war. Many world powers are simply destroyed.

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At the end of March 2001, the Internet ceased to receive messages from the time traveler, whom John Tytore himself declared. Where is he now, nobody knows.However, all his predictions were saved by users on hard drives, as well as on the sites he visited. And after 2001, the messages of this person are published on the Web, sometimes in a very modified form.

The story of John Taytor today is considered legendary. She found reflection in a book about a traveler, in a computer game based on his adventures. Japanese filmmakers shot a movie about John Tytor in the form of an anime series.

Interestingly, the principle of movement in time, which was set out by John, was patented in 2006. Not bad for a person who sensible citizens consider to be just an Internet troll.

Travel history

How did John Time get into our time? He claims he is an American soldier from the future. The unit in which he serves is based in Tampa, Fla. The reports of this man say that he was made a participant in a government project in 1975. The task set before John is that he will have to get to an IBM 5100 computer. Why was he chosen for such a responsible mission? An explanation for this was also given by Tytor.This was due to the fact that the paternal grandfather traveler’s grandfather was directly involved in the assembly and programming of the IBM 5100.

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Why did John Taytor appear in 1998? The story of the time traveler describes that he made only a small stop in the past for personal reasons. Allegedly, he wished to return the photos lost during the future civil war. John wanted to visit his family, and also to meet with himself at the age of three.


What did John Timeor tell about himself to the participants of the forums? The date of birth of this person has remained unexplained. Known only year. According to Taytor, he was born in 1998. At the age of thirteen, the boy himself decided to serve in the army. He also helped his father, who was carrying cargo along the river, to work.

At 31, John went to college. After that, he was recruited to participate in the program “Travel through Time”.

John Taytor predictions about Russia

According to Taytor, in this division, where in addition to him serves seven more people, he has the rank of major. Travelers are sent from various missions in the time span from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Johnson reported that he appreciates old rock and roll and classical music. He is an avid lover of sailing.His hobbies include swimming, online games and maps, reading and chatting with foreigners. The tutor is agnostic in his worldview, and in religion is a Christian who honors the Sabbath. He is married. He has two sons and lives with his family in Florida, in the city of Tampa. His interlocutors, John Taytor did not leave the photo.

Opinions of experts

The computer John Taytor talks about was one of the first portable devices capable of working on already obsolete programming languages. This is IBM, supplemented by Basic and APL. John wrote on the Internet that in the future there was a need for a system to debug a variety of computer programs. He claimed that in 2038 Linux would have some problems.

According to Bob Dabka, an IBM engineer, such statements by Tytor were correct. Indeed, the IBM 5100 model had a little-known ability to debug systems and emulate. And it strengthens the position of supporters of Tytor. Indeed, in 2000 and in 2001, such information was not available to the general public. The time traveler himself said that this function will be revealed only in 2036. At this time, the Linux operating system will serve as the basis for all computer systems.

However, this emulation capability is now well known to specialists.In addition, it has been repeatedly commented on publications covering topics not only IBM 5100, but also software microcode as a whole. References to this fact were on the Internet in 1999 and in time clearly preceded the messages received from Taytor. From this one can make an unequivocal conclusion that the one who introduced himself as a time-traveler to readers knew IBM 5100 well.

Time Machine

Time Traveler John Tytor has been answering questions from forum participants on the Internet for several months. He described future events using poetic phrases, and constantly talked about the existence of other realities in the world.

Time Traveler, John Taytor, spoke about the vehicle that brought him in 1998. At the same time, using extremely difficult algorithms, he told how the machine on which he arrived works and provided her with grainy photos.

John Timer

Judging by the description of this device, it consisted of the following:

  • two magnetic units needed to generate a double microsularity;
  • an electronic injection manifold measuring mass and gravity in microsularity;
  • cooling systems and protection from X-rays;
  • gravity sensors and a system of blocking changes in gravity;
  • three main computers.

By the time machine was attached "User Guide", which was also published by the traveler on the Internet.

As John Taytor said, the time machine was originally installed in the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. Then it was moved to an all-wheel drive car.

Reasoning on the quantum model of the world

In his posts, Tytor wrote that the Everett-Wheeler theory is absolutely correct. According to this model, every possible variant of a quantum solution occurs in a single “universe”. According to the time traveler, this explanation was the reason for the resolution of disputes around the "paradox of the grandfather." So, based on the quantum logic of reasoning, killing your grandfather is simply impossible.

john is a time traveler

Indeed, after this, a new universe is surely formed, where the old man will not be. In addition, the old world, where everything is fine with the grandfather, will be mandatory. Such a theory is reflected in the film "Back to the Future."In this regard, all the quantum events that take place, the results and states are quite real.


Of course, the whole story could well have been invented by a simple fan of fiction. In order to present it not as a cheap joke, the author had to give evidence. And they were predictions. That is, information unknown at the time of the appearance of the Internet messages Taytor. Some ambiguous statements that, of course, the researchers found, proved to be evidence of the truthfulness of the story.

The tutor has insured his story with arguments about the laws of quantum mechanics and about the existence of many worlds whose events differ from ours. However, he was still careless in his statement that the differences between realities are minimal. And he was deeply mistaken. Today it has become obvious that these differences are still quite significant. All this puts the story of time travel under great doubt. After all, the main events predicted by Taytor did not happen.

The main prognosis of the soldier from the future concerned the forthcoming civil war in the United States.What did John Tytore say about her? The traveler's predictions clearly indicated that the conflict would develop in 2004, during the presidential campaign. Moreover, in his reports it is stated that the situation is constantly worsening until the whole country is out of control. It will happen allegedly in 2008.

The writer also wrote that in 2011, being a thirteen-year-old boy, he had to fight in an infantry unit. The world, according to his stories, came only in 2015. However, it was preceded by a short but very intensive Third World War, which claimed 3 billion human lives.

john taytor time traveler story

What did John Tytor predictions about Russia? He claimed that it was she who would deliver a nuclear strike in 2015 aimed at major cities in the United States, China and Europe. The US Federal Empire will be completely destroyed. However, part of its territory, for which Tytor fought, will emerge victorious, taking Russia as an ally. China and the European Union will also be destroyed. After the end of hostilities in the country will be a new capital. She will be the city of Omaha, which is located in the state of Nebraska.

Despite a clear description of specific events, the causes of the Third World War are indicated by Tytor rather vaguely.He speaks only of its main prerequisites, which have become overpopulation and border conflicts. At the same time, he points to the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs as one of the main milestones preceding the war.

Evaluation of predictions

Was John Timer right? The predictions of this man, fortunately, did not come true. And we can speak about this with firm conviction, since all the terms named by John have passed. This would completely forget the failed prophet. However, Tytor's statement about the existence of a large number of worlds worked well here. From this it can follow that the journey of the American soldier began not in our reality, but in a parallel universe. Thus, all the events in our world can go very differently. And here the time traveler is difficult to blame for lying.

Another of Tytor's prophecies concerns the discovery of CERN's way of time travel. And this, he said, should have happened in 2001, immediately after the discovery of miniature black holes. As proof of the truth of his facts, John Taytor (a time traveler) even posted a photo, albeit a fuzzy one, of a time machine. However, this did not happen.For the sake of justice, it is worth saying that during this period miniature black holes were actually discovered.

Taytor's successful prediction was a statement about the impending war in Iraq. Nor was he mistaken that no weapon of mass destruction would be found.
To date, our contemporaries can not give an assessment of future events. 2036 the time traveler describes as a period of restoring peace after numerous disasters. John informs about the growing role of religion, but the fall of the prestige of large church communities. By 2036, according to a guest from the future, people began to work more. Moreover, more attention has been paid to agriculture. AIDS has never been defeated in the future, and researchers engaged in high-energy physics have discovered "strange things."


Most commentators immediately drew an analogy between the story that appeared on the Internet and the classic fantastical post-apocalyptic novel. Of course, many elements of the time traveler's story can work in any legend. For example, moving from one century to another.The opportunity to make such trips attracts many, and most of us would like it to be true.

Another important element of the created legend is distrust of the government. The civil war and martial law described in John’s communications, as well as the struggle to respect democracy and freedoms, are nothing but the implementation of conspiracy theories. And many people would like to witness such events. In this case, we can say that John Tytor in his stories gathered the most popular opinions. To top it all off, he used nothing more than a sports car for his time travel. This should appeal to many.

Yes, there are people who believe in the existence of an American soldier from the future. However, those who are familiar with online sweepstakes simply scoff when they hear about a traveler from a possibly parallel world. Skeptics cite as an example the controversial stories of Taytor. So, in one of his messages he told that credit cards and money are widely used in his world. Somewhat later, he argued that there was simply no centralized banking system in 2036.In addition, according to the stories of Taytor, he moved into the past in order to prevent the upcoming world war. But at the same time, answering questions about the future, he insisted that it was too late to change the world.

Anyway, the legend that appeared on the Internet continues its development. After all, humanity still does not know a reliable way by which it would be possible to distinguish an honest person from a fraudster. Where is this time traveler now? Maybe he lives quietly among us, and maybe, having completed his mission, he passed into a parallel dimension? This we will never know.

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