Jewelry box

I think every girl faced the problem of storing their jewelry. Every time when you are going to work or for a walk, you select jewelry for yourself. And then a problem arises: the necessary earrings and rings are almost impossible to find quickly and effortlessly. Shops offer us different boxes, but these boxes have a high cost, and also choose the necessary size and the fullness of the box (boxes have different departments and containers for jewelry of different shapes, sizes and purposes).
Required materials and tools:
- a box, which will later become the base frame of the box;
- fabric cuts: to trim the outer and inner walls; to create the interior of the casket;
- PVA glue;
- scissors;
- pencil;
- Materials for decoration: lace, lace, applique of denim and felt, rhinestones.
Steps robots:
1. Prepare all necessary materials. If you have the opportunity to use a box with a small lock or latch, your box will look more impressive and will be easy to use.
2The inner wall of the box should be glued with PVA glue with a cloth. This type of glue is convenient to use, as it leaves no marks on the fabric. Super glue can leave marks on the fabric, and it will not look aesthetically pleasing and not neat.
glue with adhesive

3. To create compartments for jewelry you need to use a dense and thick enough fabric. The fabric needs to be cut according to a certain principle: the width of the fabric corresponds to the width of the box, and the length is more than 20 times wider (depending on what fabric you use and how many compartments you need).
thick fabric

4. From the finished cut of fabric you need to fold the harmonica. If the number of compartments suits you, safely insert the accordion into the box. If you want to get fewer compartments, fold the fabric in half and create an accordion.
half and create an accordion

5. Glue the outer cover with PVA glue.
cover with cloth

6. On the bottom wall of the box, glue small pieces of fabric for ease of use. You can use the fabric that you used to create the inner compartments.
glue small pieces of fabric

glue small pieces of fabric

7. Also cover the side walls of the box with a cloth.
8. Let's start decorating. Decorate the top cover with guipure, sticking it with the same white glue.The adhesive needs to be treated with edges and the entire surface of the top cover. Cover the side wall with a thin lace.
Jewelry box

9. Decorate the top cover with an appliqué made of three hearts. For the application, you can use felt, denim or other beautiful fabric. Felt is very convenient in creating the decor, it is not frayed and easily cut. Application can be made of any form and theme. You can also use jewelry parts (bows, figurines, beads).
Jewelry box

The casket is ready to use! This box is an excellent organizer for rings and stud earrings, pendants and clips.
Jewelry box

Use your imagination and create!

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