Italian actress Ornella Muti: biography, personal life, movies

These amazingly clear eyes that shine even in black and white photographs can never be forgotten. Not only men, but also women fall in love with the mysterious, captivating glance of actress Ornella Muti. After watching a film, an interview or accidentally seeing her photo in a magazine, everyone wants to know about this woman as much as possible. Biography of Ornella Muti is able to interest not only admirers of her talent, because she is full of bright events and unexpected turns.


The real name of the actress Ornella Muti is Francesca Roman Rivelli. This lovely girl, together with her twin, Claudia, was born into a family of a Neapolitan and an Estonian German woman with Russian roots in the capital of Italy, Rome (03/09/1955). The girls' father was a correspondent, he died when the little ones reached the age of ten.

Francesca Romana Revelli

Candid photos

After the death of her husband, the mother of the girls, working as a sculptor, was left in a very distressed position. The family could barely make ends meet.In the meantime, Francesca was growing up and at the age of thirteen turned into a very attractive girl. She looked much older than her years, which allowed the teenager to help her mother, posing nude in an art school and acting for male magazines. Upon learning of this, the mother prohibited the daughter of this kind of income.

Unknown photo session of the young actress


When she was fifteen years old, a new, unexpected coil began in the biography of Ornella Muti. Her sister has dreamed of cinema since childhood. Claudia decided to go on trial in the movie “The Most Beautiful Wife” by Damiano Damiani, taking her sister with her. However, the director became interested in Francesca and he convinced her to star in his film. At that time, actress Louise Rivelli was famous in Italian cinema. In order not to confuse Francesca with her, the director chose a melodious pseudonym - Ornella Muti. Despite the fact that the picture did not bring the actress much success and recognition, it was from her that the countdown of Ornella Muti's films began.

Shot from the movie "The Most Beautiful Wife"

First success

1974 brought good luck to Ornella Muti’s creative biography. Filmed this year, "The People's Novel" and "Appassionata" forced the directors to pay attention to the young actress.Roles in low-budget pictures with erotic scenes have been replaced by a number of successful reincarnations in serious cinema. One after another, films with Ornella Muti began to appear:

  • "Leonor";
  • "Virginity";
  • "The Bishop's Bedroom";
  • "Euthanasia of love";
  • "New Monsters";
  • "Death to a scoundrel";
  • "Portrait of the bourgeoisie in black";
  • "First love";
  • "Neapolitan Detective";
  • "Last woman";
  • "Life is Beautiful".
Shot from the movie "Last Woman"

"Taming of the Shrew"

The release of the film with Ornella Muti "The Taming of the Shrew" (1980) created a furor in the Italian box office. Cashier paintings amounted to 19 billion lire. Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti at that time were already successful and recognizable actors. The romantic comedy, the idea of ​​which was borrowed from Shakespeare, conquered many generations of viewers not only at home, but also in other countries. For her role in Orchell's The Taming of the Shrew, Muti reacted responsibly and seriously, believing that each, even the comedic role, should be deeply thought out.

Frame from the film "The Taming of the Shrew"

Further creativity

Having won fame in Italian cinema, Ornella Muti won roles in European and American films:

  • British space opera Flash Gordon;
  • French drama "Love Swan";
  • French film adaptation of the novel “The Chronicle of the Announced Death” by G. Marquez;
  • Hollywood comedy Oscar;
  • German-American comedy "Once breaking the law";
  • French television series - The Count of Monte Cristo.

One of the last works of the actress is the role in Woody Allen’s comedy "Roman Adventures".

In addition to working in cinema, Muti enjoys photography. The star tried herself in the role of TV presenter.

Still from the TV series "Monte Cristo"

Novels and Husbands

From an early age, the beauty enjoyed success with the opposite sex, so the personal life of Ornella Muti was rather stormy. The first serious romance of the actress happened at the age of eighteen. Muti does not reveal the name of his secret lover, from whom she bore a daughter. There is an assumption that the man was married and worked with Ornella on one of the earlier pictures, but perhaps this is just the conjectures of journalists.

The first husband of the actress was her partner in the film "The Most Beautiful Wife." Alessio Orano and Ornella Muti did not immediately converge - by the time they were dating, the heart of the actress was occupied. Only a year later, the persistent Alessio managed to get agreement from the star. The marriage was not happy, since the young people had different views on family life.The couple lived happily until the fateful meeting of Ornella Muti and Adriano Celentano. The partnership in The Taming of the Shrew led to a tumultuous romance between the actors, but Celentano did not want to leave his legitimate wife. Offended by the role of mistress, Ornella broke off relations with Adriano.

Ornella Muti and Alessio Orano

With the second husband, businessman and producer Federico Facchinetti, the actress lived for ten years. This was followed by a scandalous divorce due to serious financial differences of the spouses.

The next elect Ornella was Stefano Piccolo. The famous plastic surgeon demanded increased attention from his beloved woman. Charter to make a permanent choice between children and her lover, the actress broke off relations with Piccolo.

Now the heart of Ornella Muti belongs to the king of network marketing, a major Italian businessman Fabrice Kererve. The young elect (Kererve ten years younger) makes the star truly happy.

With Fabrice Kererve


Ornella Muti is a happy mother of two daughters and a son.

The eldest daughter Nike actress gave birth on 10/10/1974 in Munich. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, starting her acting career with a role in the movie "The Journey of Captain Fracassus" (1990).Since 2010, Nike Rivelli decided to try herself as a pop star and in 2011 she released a solo album under the pseudonym Nayked. The first daughter of Ornella Muti was married twice, having given birth to one son, Ekash. Later, Nike did not start a relationship with men, confessing her unconventional sexual orientation.

Nike Rivelli

Married to Federico Facchinetti Ornella Muti gave birth to two children - the daughter Caroline and son Andrea.

Andrea Facchinetti was born October 24, 1987 in the Italian capital. I decided, like my older sister, to devote myself to the acting profession. The first film in which Andrea got the role was the dramatic comedy "Parents and Children. Shake Before Use."

With son Andrea

In the future, the young man sees himself as a professional director. His younger sister Carolina Facchinetti appeared in the Italian drama "The Bastards Race". Most of the time she devotes to raising two children. Ornella Muti admits that she devoted every free minute to her children. She adores her grandchildren and considers herself a good caring grandmother.

With daughter Caroline

In Russia

Ornella Muti has never concealed her reverent attitude towards Russia.Her grandfather was one of the royal doctors, and her grandmother was a pianist. Muti is proud of his origin and loves to visit the Russian capital.

Since the 1970s, the actress has regularly come to Russia at the invitation of various charitable foundations and is happy to help sick children.

In 2016, Ornella Muti announced her desire to obtain Russian citizenship. In order to play the role of the Empress in the play "Ice Palace", the actress learned the Russian language. She starred in the music video of Alexander Revva for the song "Like Celentano", playing herself. I was pleased to give an interview to the Russian media. Her photos adorned the covers of many domestic fashion magazines. She wittily joked with Ivan Urgant in his evening show.

In the program "Evening Urgant"

Problems with law

Love for Russia played a cruel joke in the biography of Ornella Muti. In 2010, the actress played in the play "The Jew", which was held in different cities of Italy. Muti disrupted the performance, preferring an invitation to a charity evening in St. Petersburg. In Italy, the actress provided a fictitious certificate of the disease, but photos from the event in the company of Vladimir Putin caused a scandal, which ended with a trial for her.Ornella Muti was sentenced to 8 months in prison and a fine of 6,000 euros. The material compensation of the theater in the amount of 30,000 euros helped to avoid a real conclusion.

At a charity evening in St. Petersburg


Now Ornella Muti is a beautiful, accomplished, successful woman. She starred in more than a hundred pictures. Raised in love and wise care of three wonderful children. With all the passion of nature entered into relationships with men and honestly part with them when love passed.

Ornella Muti now

Since 2012, the actress does not act in films. She is engaged in the jewelry business and winemaking. Frequently attends fashion shows and charity events. Spends time with family and beloved man.

To stay in great shape, the star goes in for sports, does massage, visits the beautician, has been practicing raw foods for over twenty years.

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