Does stool color matter for diagnosis?

When doctors ask a patient about the color of feces complaining about their condition, they often get the answer: “Did I look at it?” Unfortunately, the attitude towards discharge from the body of the majority is dismissive. If in young children the color and consistency of feces is examined and consulted with the pediatrician in case of any changes, then among adults this theme does not arise. And in vain. This indicator can say a lot about the nature of nutrition and human health.color of feces

Preparation for the analysis

If the doctor asked to pass a general analysis of feces, then it is not necessary to prepare specifically for it. Also, it is not required to rush to the laboratory after intestinal emptying - warm feces are required only for determining Giardia parasites in it. Before taking the general analysis, it is advisable to refuse from drugs that affect intestinal motility, coloring preparations and rectal suppositories for a day. Enema or daily fasting before the analysis is not needed.

Scalologic analysis of feces

No wonder doctors insist on passing this important analysis. It is through it you can learn about the state of the intestines, especially in the section of the color fecesHaving received a container with feces, laboratory assistants, before starting to affect the product of vital activity by special means (to determine its acidity and the presence of components), it is evaluated visually. The first information about the state of human health is given by the following parameters:

  • color of feces;
  • the form;
  • smell;
  • consistency.

What does color mean?

Kolasovidnyy brown color and natural smell, which does not disintegrate during manipulations, is considered normal. But this does not mean that any change in color or smell is a sign of a serious illness. The parameters vary depending on the food used, the age and even the condition of the person. The green color of feces may indicate the rate of bile excretion and an infectious disease, as well as a similar color of feces when a person eats some foods, such as sorrel. Red color indicates bleeding in the lower intestines, or the presence of beet in the food.Gray feces speaks of insufficient biliary excretion. If the remaining parameters - consistency and smell - are normal, only black feces should strain. The stool acquires this color when bleeding in the upper intestines, stomach and duodenum. But if glandular preparations or bismuth-based drugs were injected into the body before the test was taken, then this color is natural. It is very important to know the color of feces during pregnancy. At this time, it changes especially often. Vitamins, drugs, dietary supplements taken by a woman affect this indicator.

What should you pay special attention to?

color of feces during pregnancyThey all want to be healthy. However, some questions of the doctor, for example, concerning a chair, cause at least confusion. Of course, no one encourages constantly carefully examine the contents of the toilet, sniffing and almost trying to tooth. But why not learn to adequately assess their condition in those cases where everything can be seen "in full view"? Strain should liquid feces, if it is observed for several days. Informative color of feces, excreted amount, smell. If new foods have not been introduced to the diet,then all changes should make you think, is everything in order in the body? Is it worth to consult a doctor? Of course, if you take any medication, then you need to read the instructions. It may contain information that the drug contributes to the staining of excrement in a particular color. And one more important point. As already mentioned, the color of feces can tell about the state of our body. It must be borne in mind that the disease detected at the initial stage requires much less time and financial costs for treatment.

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