Is it possible to get pregnant without ending?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 25, 2012
Is it possible to get pregnant without ending?

Unfortunately, a great many young people of our time prefer a philistine interruption of sexual intercourse to normal protection. But is this remedy effective? And anyway, is it possible to get pregnant without finishing? Let's reason together.

Contemporaries know and have access to a colossal variety of methods to protect against unwanted pregnancy, and as we all understand, each of them has its pros and cons, as well as the degree of reliability and efficiency. If we consider interruption of sexual intercourse as a method of contraception, then I hasten to “rejoice” you: the effectiveness of the method is about 70%, so says the statistics. And the remaining 30% is a lot.

Accordingly, we conclude that if you really decided to postpone pregnancy, then choose another method of protection, because you can get pregnant before finishing!

Where is the logic, because I did not finish it!

To begin with, keep in mind that in the lubricant released during intercourse, there may easily be a certain amount of spermatozoa, one cannot but take this fact into account.

Disadvantages of interrupted intercourse

Men are self-confident by nature. And especially during sex, the man believes that the control over the situation is completely in his ... hands, ahem. Feeling the moment of approaching ejaculation, everyone tries to delay the moment when it is time to stop. Hence the risk of not having time, respectively. Even if you miss a moment a little, a small part can get into the vagina, and this is not what you wanted.

Repeated intercourse. After previous sex in the urethra, men often remain sperm. They also get right on target when you don’t expect it.

It should be noted that the very probability of becoming pregnant, not ending directly, depends on many factors: the cycle of a woman, the physiology of a man, and so on. It is simply impossible to take into account everything.

About the menstrual cycle in women. It is safest to make love on premenstrual days or at the end of a cycle. In the middle of it, we recommend using reliable methods of contraception. After all, it is simply impossible to predict exactly what the speed and number of spermatozoids will be in a man. Here plays a role a special number of factors.How many uncertainties are on our way! Think whether the game is worth the candle?

Please note that frequent interruption of sexual intercourse to its logical conclusion can cause health problems! And this is not a joke, men, be careful, use this only as a last resort.

For some people, the fact that you can get pregnant without finishing. For someone - only the vibrations of the air, causing a smile. "Read a book without turning the pages" - almost the same?

When your “book” will delight you with an unexpected notebook, there will be no time for smiles. Be prudent!

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