Is dementia a verdict?

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Dementia is a dementia that develops in thea person with age. Typically, the elderly usually deteriorate memory, weakening the concentration of attention. According to doctors, this is perfectly normal - the body grows old and begins to function worse. However, if it is a question of constantly progressive violations of mental activity, there is a diagnosis such as dementia. This, in fact, speaks of a sharp deterioration in mental abilities. It is natural that in most cases the disease does not allow the patient to lead a normal full life.


As a rule, the disease develops sufficientlyslowly and gradually. Therefore, relatives and friends of the patient often miss the moment of its beginning and reminisce only when a person starts to perform frankly strange acts and as a whole show signs of mental disorder. Although there are cases when the disease "destroyed" the patient in just a few months.

Possible reasons

dementia treatment

Of course, dementia is a disease thatdoes not arise from scratch. Among the most common factors that provoke its development, experts call brain damage. In addition, the disease often appears against the background of alcoholism, head injuries, recent strokes and Parkinson's disease. It should be noted that some of the listed reasons can be eliminated, but by and large to stop the progressive dementia is not possible. Somewhat less often this problem worries patients with multiple sclerosis, AIDS, multiple atrophy.


dementia of the Alzheimer's type

As you probably already understand, dementia isa very serious test for both the patient and his loved ones. Symptoms of it can vary - it depends mainly on what part of the brain was affected. How to understand that your elderly relative is seriously ill? "Worrying bells" are the following facts: he ceases to recognize old acquaintances; can not recall the events that occurred very recently; confuses words; with difficulty makes decisions; is knocked down in elementary calculations; it is difficult for him to control his behavior. Over time, the patient may develop hallucinations. Dementia of the Alzheimer's type usually begins with changes in behavior. Always cute and polite, a person for no reason becomes aggressive, harsh, may even fall into delirium. Of course, to make sure the diagnosis is correct, you will need a specialist consultation, perhaps not even one. The doctor will take all the necessary tests and conduct a series of tests.


Do not think that life ends in thatthe day when dementia is diagnosed. Treatment of her, of course, does not guarantee that the patient will again become completely the same as before, but will help slow the course of the disease. Therapy depends on the symptoms, characteristics and causes of the disease. For the prevention of elderly people it is recommended to undergo special tests from time to time and visit the attending physician for examination.

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