"Iranian saffron" (cream): instructions for use, composition and effectiveness

Many are interested in the question of what constitutesthe product "Iranian saffron". The cream is an ideal tool for caring for the intimate area. Warns and eliminates many pathological processes that can seriously damage the female reproductive system and health in general. These disorders include disorders of the mucous membrane of the vulva and skin.

Iranian saffron cream

It is not excluded the occurrence of itching, ulcers, cracks,painful spots, coarsening and keratinization of the epithelium, peeling, atrophy or hyperplasia of the vulva, in which the mucous membranes become white and thin. Symptoms can be very diverse and quite unpleasant.

Women for a long time try to be cured independently with the help of various medications. But some of them have only a temporary effect, while others do not help at all.

Therefore, so popular means with a unique composition, which have no analogues.

Description of the cream

Full name of the medicinal product -"Cream Iranian saffron vulva leukoplakia." This is the best drug that perfectly heals mucous membranes and adjacent tissues in the intimate area. It is an outstanding achievement of modern technologies, a breakthrough in medicine.

"Iranian saffron leukoplakia" - a cream thatcontains in its composition irreplaceable substances that significantly accelerate biosynthesis in the structure of cell molecules. Metabolism improves, energy metabolism normalizes, cell nutrition improves. In addition, microcirculation in the dermis is significantly activated, processes of atrophy in tissues are blocked.

Iranian saffron leukoplakia cream

How does it work?

Due to the high bioavailability of medicinalcomponents there is a rapid update of the structure of the skin and mucous membrane, the regeneration of cells is accelerated. In the surface and deep layers of the dermis, substances that are biologically active are effectively delivered. Also, moisture is delivered to the skin. All this is possible because of the carefulness of the selection of ingredients. This unique means "Iranian saffron" (cream).

Mucous membranes under the influence of creamslowly grow old, free radicals do not accumulate, since neutralization of the harmful effects of the environment takes place. There is a restoration of the reproductive balance.

Are there analogues in the preparation?

The cream "Iranian saffron" has no analogues, sinceits properties are unique. Due to its action, softening, nutrition, moisturizing, protection, healing and regeneration of the vulvar mucosa occurs. This also applies to skin tissue. It is treated not only leukoplakia vulva, but also kraurosis, bartholinitis, vulvitis, urethritis and many other diseases. Epithelium and trophic tissue is restored after chemotherapy, surgical intervention, biopsy, cryotherapy, laser destruction.

There is protection from various diseasesvulva, but most importantly, the cream does not allow oncological processes to develop. Psoriasis and red lichen are quite unpleasant, but "Iranian saffron" (cream) can significantly improve the condition. Atopic eczema is also very treatable.


cream Iranian saffron отзывы

The practice of applying the cream is quite long, it has unmatched advantages. The widest range of beneficial effects on the layers of the cells of the epithelium and the dermis, which adjoins it.

A few days after the start of therapy unpleasantthe sensations become smaller. With itching, burning, swelling, crawling, tingling, lumbago, pain, dryness, tightness of the vulva, the cream "Iranian saffron" is shown. Vulva will instantly become healthier.

After a week, healed wounds, ulcers,erosion, abrasions, cracks. Twenty days later a manifestation of tissue regeneration processes was recorded, which were damaged, after which they return to a healthy state.

Mucous membranes of female genital organsbecome again elastic and pink, there is no longer any specific smell. It is not excluded the increase of sexual sensitivity and improvement of general well-being.

This is confirmed by the instruction. Cream "Iranian saffron" can be used for prevention? About this further.

Cream "Iranian saffron" for the purpose of prevention

cream of Iranian saffron vulva

Cream "Iranian saffron vulvar leukoplakia"healthy women are used as preventive measures. This is important to do after 45 years. Those who have a long sedentary job, such activities are especially needed. This will prevent age-related dystrophic changes on the mucosa (dryness, thinning) and various diseases. There is a stimulation of cellular and tissue immunity, which serves as an excellent barrier to infection, the body is protected thereby, female youth is prolonged.

Cream "Iranian saffron": composition

What exactly is the cream of "Iranian saffron"? The instruction for use indicates that the best saffron from Iran called "Red Gold" is needed to make this miraculous "Iranian saffron vulvar leukoplakia".

It is wild, grows in deserts. It is quite expensive. Saffron contains active substances that heal wounds and ulcers, as well as other damage to the skin.

Soothes, relieves inflammation, rejuvenates. He has a pronounced anti-carcinogenic effect. The saffron stigmas contain the following useful components:

  • crocetin;
  • picrocrin;
  • gentibiosis;
  • safranual.

They are not found in other plants.

Secrets of Cream Preparation

instruction cream Iranian saffron

In preparation, only the tips of the stigma are used, and this can significantly affect the effectiveness of the drug in the positive direction.

How to get the cream "Iranian saffron"? Its composition is unique.

The most modern methods (the low-temperature method) extract the maximum of useful substances from the upper parts of the stigmas of saffron. This is the extraction from the original plant material.

Preparation of saffron glycosides, acids and otherirreplaceable, and therefore unique components, in which high purity - a laborious process. They have the ability to quickly penetrate lipid films of the skin and mucous membranes. There, these substances are involved in the transformation of damaged cells into healthy cells. Normal cells start to grow, the natural mode of their work is restored. The ingredients have a high penetrating ability, so in the deepest layers in the intimate zone of a woman's inflammatory processes subsiding, there is a feeling of comfort.

Cream "Iranian saffron": reviews

cream of Iranian saffron composition

Many women tried this cream on themselves. The problems of the women's sphere are not uncommon now. Improvements become noticeable already literally the next day. The mucous membrane becomes well moisturized. When applied, there are no unpleasant sensations, side effects also do not practically arise. Cream "Iranian saffron" can also be used as a preventative. Feedback is confirmed. This is especially true for women during menopause. They are more prone to changes in mucous membranes, including cancer.

If the cream is used regularly, you can reduce the likelihood of cancer. But it is better, of course, to consult a doctor when there are any abnormalities.

After the onset of recovery, useIt is better not to stop the cream to fix the effect. Apply it to the mucous membrane with a thin layer 1-2 times a day, but preferably at night. This will allow him to absorb more effectively. Lingerie is better to wear from natural fabrics, so that all the irritations go faster.

With leukoplakia, very unpleasant symptomsarise. Traditional treatment with corticosteroids, natural oils does not help. And only a week after the start of the application of the cream with saffron, the result is manifested.

Itching, flaking, redness, swelling. The remedy really has unique qualities. This is different from many other drugs. The only drawback is its fairly high cost.

cream saffron Iran instructions for use


The cream "Iranian saffron" can be purchased approximatelyfor the amount of 700 to 1400 rubles. You can find it on the Internet. On some resources, the price is absolutely sky-high - 4000 rubles. Not everyone can afford it. The kit includes lotion and cream. The remedy is very economical, it's enough for a long time.

We examined the product "Iranian saffron" (cream). After acquaintance with such valuable means many women will have a desire to purchase it for themselves and for their acquaintances. The price should not be taken seriously, since it is expensive to pay for good quality. But there will be no problems in the women's sphere. Even the slightest symptoms of the disease will be instantly stopped. Also for prevention, you can apply the drug.

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