Intimate hairstyle: types of how to do at home, step by step instructions

Some consider intimate haircuts an unacceptable method of transformation, others do not see anything wrong with such a thing. Girls consider it an instrument of attractiveness, men also keep up with their companions and try to meet the standards of the new fashion. Thousands of people decorate their intimate area for themselves and loved ones. Intimate hairstyle is diverse and has received a lot of adjustments and recommendations from connoisseurs of this kind of art, but some of the works are subject only to professionals. But few people will resist the desire to become the owner of the creation in the intimate zone, and many are increasingly trying to translate their plans at home.

Types of hairstyles for women

The history of the design of the bikini zone goes back to the distant times of ancient Rome. Even then, women paid special attention to hair care throughout the body. And for the sake of greater hygiene, traditions have been invented in terms of caring for the intimate zone.This epic fashion walked through the countries of the West in the 60s, when there was a time of sexual revolution. Since then, the intimate hairstyle has been transformed, supplemented, modified and has a huge number of design options. It is almost impossible to list them within the framework of one list, therefore they began to single out the main categories of such areas:

  1. Brazilian is a completely exposed area of ​​the pubis, small and large labia.
  2. Geometry - so called hairstyle, which implies a haircut in the form of geometric shapes: square, triangle, rhombus, etc.
  3. Ornament is a complex or simple patterns, abstractions, or any fantasy, embodied in the intimate area.
  4. Floral motifs - gained popularity in the 2000s, when it became possible to create compositions of floral compounds. These include imitation tulip, lily, rose or chamomile.
  5. Animal motifs were more often used in the 10s of the 21st century. These are all kinds of avatars of panthers, snakes, birds and cats.
  6. Natural motifs were guessed in haircuts in the form of Christmas trees, water droplets, leaves or snowflakes.
  7. Signs - a favorite theme for creativity, not only among tattoo artists, but also hairdressers of the intimate zone. Mostly intimate haircut is done in the pubic area.
  8. Inscriptions - a separate category of hairstyles, which is performed in a beauty salon. You can express your feelings or designate the "property rights" of a man to this zone by cutting out his initials.

Hairstyles in intimate places of women are selected not only according to her wishes, but also in accordance with the adaptation of the picture, the size of the labia and the width of the pubic area.

Haircut in intimate areas

Hairstyles at home

Women at home can afford no less beautiful haircuts. The number of "easy" to implement includes the following names:

  1. "Track". This is an intimate hairstyle "strip" of medium size in width. In height, it reaches, on one side, the beginning of the clitoris, and on the other, the edges of hair growth on the upper part of the pubis.
  2. "Toothpick". This is almost the same as in the first paragraph, a haircut, only much thinner in width.
  3. The triangle is considered relatively easy to do at home. It looks like an inverted triangle - the angles of the isosceles are directed to the sides, and the third angle is down. Width varies with thigh width.
  4. Rhombic is a simple figure, but it looks very interesting in the pubic zone.
  5. "Tulip".The curly hairstyle is performed using a simple razor - the petals look up, and the “leg” goes deep into the clitoris.
  6. The symbol "Yin-Yang" is a favorite subject of many girls. Can be done with a trimmer.

These are the most popular haircuts in 2017, and it's very easy to make them yourself at home. Intimate haircut has many variations and includes many different emoticons, cartoon characters, but girls are unlikely to be able to realize it at home themselves. Therefore, sometimes it is better to choose simplicity and elegance, and even better - it is advantageous to emphasize the advantages, since the design should be selected based on the considerations “suitable - not suitable”.

Machines for women's haircuts

How to choose the best for yourself?

How to choose from the whole variety, so that the picture fits according to the type of a figure, constitution and build? There are a number of rules and nuances that help choose the best option:

  • Ladies with curvaceous forms should choose haircuts that visually lengthen the proportion of the body - these are vertical models of drawings.
  • Girls with narrow hips will go to the image with a large width.

The best solution for owners of narrow hips will be a drawing of a triangle, which narrows closer to the clitoris.And to ladies with a wide basin, on the contrary, the narrow path in the form of a toothpick will approach. Women of normal body build will go any hair, in the choice they are not limited.

What do beauty salons offer?

Intimate haircuts in the beauty salon

Salon technique for creating bikini design is very different from the home transfiguration. First, it is the ability to use professional tools and equipment. Masters have experience and can embody almost any idea. For example, if you have sensitive skin and an independent approach to the case is fraught with consequences in the form of irritations, then in the beauty salon you can do the following fashionable intimate hairstyles:

  • Neat haircut.
  • Haircut "rays of the sun."
  • Hairstyle with hair dye.
  • Haircut in the form of a drop.
  • Haircut "Brazilian."

Also, beauty salons offer decorative silhouettes, tattooing drawings and more. Here you can not only choose the optimal pattern, but also consult a cosmetologist about what is best to choose, how to care for the skin after depilation and what to use to slow down hair growth.

Saloon shugaring intimate zone

How to make it at home?

Not always, of course, with your own efforts you can achieve the perfect result or follow the list of procedures that are only possible for the salon haircut masters, but now there are detailed instructions. With their help, you can try your own strength. You will also need a basic list of tools:

  • Mirror.
  • Tweezers.
  • Hair remover - trimmer, machine, shugaring, cream or razor.
  • Cosmetic type pencil.
  • Antiseptic or solution for disinfection.
  • Comb.

At the discretion, you can buy paints, decorations, stencils, if it is provided for in the chosen pattern. First you should take a shower, then dry the skin of the intimate area. Next, remove all the hairs that will be outside the pattern. You can mark it with a cosmetic pencil. Hairs need to cut up to 5-7 mm in length, and then do the processing of the contours of the picture. If there is a stencil, attach it and circle the edges. Focusing on them, remove unwanted hairs with the chosen depilation agent.

Rinse the contour of the pencil under running water, after which the skin is treated with a medical solution or with its disinfection agent.In the presence of some hairs remove them with tweezers. Re-treat the skin with a solution and repeat the procedure after each hair removal. With a certain idea, the hairs can be tinted. Much depends on what types of intimate hairstyles like and what is chosen personally.

Coloring: fashionable and stylish

Sometimes the design assumes the presence of staining - some areas should be of a different color than the natural one. In this case, hair dye is strictly forbidden to use - the scalp and pubis are different, possible burns with a strong oxidizing agent when applying the composition.

For such bold goals apply waterproof pigment and hypoallergenic dyes, similar to paints for body art. Natural dyes are also used - henna, ocher, food pigment for confectionery. Such hairstyles of intimate zones are popular among club dancers, but the drawing may not last for a long time. Wash them with extreme care. Tight underwear can lubricate the paint applied on the day of dyeing.

Skin care after haircuts

Treatment with antiseptic zones after shearing

After any haircut should moisturize the skin, especially for the intimate zone.The basic rules suggest a ban on visiting the solarium and sunbathing. It is also advisable to treat the intimate area with a cream with herbal extracts to soothe damaged bulbs. During the first three days it is advisable not to take hot baths, not to visit saunas. The bulbs are still inflamed, it takes time to heal the small wounds under the skin.

If irritation is found, it is recommended to use a child’s cream “Bepanten” or “Radevit”. Means will help to neutralize faster the side effects from the use of depilation tools Also, cosmetologists recommend going through the entire intima area dipped in swabs of aloe, chamomile, peppermint, sage or oak bark. If you follow all the rules after the procedure of depilation, hairstyles in intimate places will be a pleasure not only for those who have them.

Male haircuts

The male half also prefers to make interesting hairstyles in the intimate area. There are several main areas that the guys themselves choose, and they can be done at home or in a beauty salon:

  1. Playboy is a form of a drawing that has silhouettes of a hare's head with ears.
  2. Signs of car brands - a separate category of patterns for drivers.
  3. Animal images - bull, eagle and not only. The area of ​​the depicted eye is painted red, for naturalness.
  4. Signs and objects of architecture - due to the structure of the genital organs, an interesting image can be achieved by resorting to visualization. It turns out the so-called 3D-drawing, which looks very attractive from the side.

To carry out such male intimate hairstyles can be both at home and in the salon. The procedure is almost the same as for women. Now there is a large selection of trimmers and clippers in the groin area, so men should not worry about the outcome of the procedure.

Technologies and stages of haircuts for men

In the salon, men are offered comfort and convenience. First, the client is located in a comfortable chair by selecting a stencil in advance from the list. You can offer your option for depilation. Next, the beautician examines the groin area for the presence of scars, cuts, and scratches. With the help of a medical tonic or gel, the skin is treated and talc is applied. After the contour of the future image is transferred with a water marker, and depilation is carried out.

Haircut Tools

It is not recommended to wash the pubis area for 7-8 hours after the end of the haircut. If correction is needed, it is re-performed after 10 days. The length of the hairs is also regulated using a machine or a typewriter. Male intimate hairstyles should be treated with creams more often, because the skin is coarser and not so adapted in its structure to various interventions.

Recommendations for the care of men's hair

Men are also forbidden to visit saunas and take hot baths. Separately, there is a rule - a ban on being in direct sunlight. If intimate hairstyles for men are made before the beach season to get a beautiful tan, you should refrain from exposing the groin area. Burns can cause inflammation of the bulbs.

Wearing tight underwear also leads to discomfort. Rarely, but in some cases in men, the figure loses its shape, especially it is unpleasant if staining has been carried out.

What to do after an unsuccessful attempt?

If the drawing did not work the first time, it is better to redo it or remove the remaining hairs completely. After they grow by 3-4 mm, you can pre-designate the outline of the figure, shaving off unwanted hairs.Thus, growing from them will already form the future drawing. True, you need to constantly monitor the length and edges of the pattern. Beautiful intimate hairstyles are not obtained the first time, and often enough for skill requires experience gained after 5-7 attempts.

Men's intimate haircuts and tools for them

Do partners like it?

Many people hide their desires and requests of an intimate nature. However, there is a social survey, the results of which revealed that men love haircuts in intimate places with women. It is especially nice when a common symbol or a sign of their love is depicted there; pathos icons and silhouettes of animals look less attractive. Women are quite skeptical about male pubic patterns - there is no reason for admiration, because the male body should not be decorated with a haircut, but something else. These are the opinions of both sexes.

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