Interesting horror movie facts

Interesting horror movie facts

Every year in the United States, more people die of heart attacks while watching horror movies than during skydiving.

The leader in the number of corpses in the frame is a movie"Dawn of the Dead"1979 The people who looked at him saw 175 dead bodies.

Interesting horror movie facts

From the commercial point of view, the most successful horror movie isJawsSteven Spielberg. Cash collections paintings amounted to over 470 million dollars.

Blair Witch- a horror film made in the pseudo-documentary genre, had a budget of 22 thousand dollars. In this case, this film has collected a box office of nearly $ 250 million. To maintain interest in the film, its creators insisted that it is a genuine video chronicle of nightmarish events. Moreover, even the leading actors were declared "missing, most likely dead." Interestingly, the names of the main characters of the film and the names of the actors completely coincide.

Interesting horror movie facts

The Blair Witch was shot in just 8 days.In the script of the film was written only the main storyline, everything else - pure improvisation of the actors. By the way, to make the actors look emaciated and tired for real, they were very poorly fed during filming.

Betsy Palmer, who played Mrs Voorhees in the cult pictureFriday the 13thshe agreed to this role only because of the money: she crashed her car and wanted to buy a new one. She did not like the script of the film so much that she openly called it “a piece of shit”. Mrs Voorhees was the first killer in the franchise films. The famous Jason Voorhees, a maniac in the mask of hockey goalkeeper, became the main character only from the second film of the series. As the scriptwriter Victor Miller recalled, the continuation of Friday was not planned at all, since the film crew did not believe in the commercial success of the film. But now the Friday, the 13th franchise combines 12 Jason films.

Interesting horror movie facts

In the film "Friday, the 13th. Part 2" Voorhiz played Warrington Gillette, the owner of the famous company "Gillette", transferred to him by inheritance from his father and grandfather.

Actor Kane Hodder, who played Jason in several films of the Friday, the 13th franchise, tattooed himself for “Kill!” (“Kill!”) On the inside of his lower lip.

Wes Craven, creator of the image of Freddy Krueger, gave the name to his character in honor of the bully who got him in school. The very same idea"Nightmare on Elm Street"Craven came to mind when he heard about several strange deaths in a small American town. All those who died before death said that they were haunted by the mysterious "Mr. K." in nightmares.

Interesting horror movie facts

Romanian actor Bela Lugosi, legendary performer of the roleDraculathe era of black and white cinema, bequeathed to bury him in the costume of the famous vampire, which was done.

Maniac Charles Lee Ray from the film series"Child Game",whose spirit moved into the doll Chucky and made her a ruthless killer, got his name in honor of three real villains: Charles Manson (killer actress Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski), Lee Harvey Oswald (killer of US President Kennedy) and James Earl Ray (killer Martin Luther King).

The working title of the horror movie"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"it was rather strange - “Head Cheese” - “cheese head”.

The shooting of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of 1974 involved a real human skeleton, which was brought from India.It cost the film makers cheaper than a plastic dummy.

Interesting horror movie facts

The shooting of the first part of the cult "Saws" lasted only 18 days.

Hoodie killer from the movie"Scream"in the first version it was white, but the censorship commission didn’t like it, because it looked like the Ku Klux Klan robes. As a result, the filmmakers had to change their character in black. By the way, the creation of the famous mask requisors was inspired by the painting “Scream” by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.

Kota Church in the movie"Pet cemetery"played 7 different cats, each of which was trained to some one trick.

Interesting horror movie facts

Plot of the film"Destination"based on the script that writer Jeffrey Reddick created for one of the X-Files series.

The mask maniac Michael Myers from the legendary slasher"Halloween"- this is actually the face of the actor William Shatner. The budget of the film was so small that the property man had to buy the cheapest mask - the mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. To make it more terrible, the prop has painted it white and widened the slits for the eyes.

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