Insect Bread

The Finnish company Fazer Food Services (Helsinki) has officially announced that it is going to grow insects for human consumption. The world's first batch of bread, baked on the basis of an unusual natural ingredient, will soon appear on the shelves of stores.
In September 2017, Finnish authorities approved the breeding and sale of insects as food.
However, in Helsinki, long before that, they tried to find the perfect bread recipe, which includes flour, seeds, and "flour" from dried grasshoppers. And now, finally, this recipe is ready and literally the other day a new kind of bread will arrive on the shelves.
“We want to be at the forefront of the food revolution,” said Markus Helstrom, director of Fazer Bakery, “Finns love to try new products, and our company is ready to offer them a taste of the food of the future.”

Pleasure to try the “taste of the food of the future” is not cheap at all - one loaf costs about five dollars. In each, approximately 70 dried grasshoppers ground and ground into flour ended their days.
Manufacturers are proud to report that there is more protein in their bread than in any other pastry, plus its production causes far less damage to the environment.
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We have already discussed with you how that edible insects and what you are unlikely to eat it.

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