I will sell an old board game.

Before the New Year, I looked through the mezzanine and found the old basketball game “Basketball”, about which I once wrote in my blog. The game was published in about 50-70 years and is a kind of rarity - table football and hockey saw everything, but basketball was rare. Out of excitement, the game is even more interesting, since the ball must be thrown high, accurately calculating the impact force.
I don’t have time to play table-top basketball, plus I have a rule - I don’t keep things at home that I don’t use for over a year, so a great vintage device is looking for a new owner.
I will give a collection rarity for a symbolic $ 100.Write in a personal.
Under the cut a few more pictures of the game.
02. The appearance of the box.
03. Under the inner lid - a small instruction manual. Everything fit on one page-liner, just like in the iPhone :)

04. Metal playing field:
05. Inserts are made of thick cardboard, on which basketball rings are placed. Inserts designate two eternal rivals - “Spartak”:
05And Dynamo:
06. Assembled, the whole structure looks like this (the box itself also participates in the game).
07. The players sit on opposite sides of the field and press on such levers, trying to throw the ball into the opponent's ring. When you press the lever in the hole, a spring is pulled, which throws the ball when the lever is released. For getting into the opponent's ring from different points of the field a different number of points is assigned - just like in real basketball.
08. Behind there are still such cardboard gears, with the help of which a game account is issued.
09. It was worth all this happiness 4 and a half rubles.

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