How to work in Excel (program): tips for beginners

Excel is one of the most powerful applications in the entire Office suite. It is used not only by accountants and economists, but also ordinary people. The program is designed to work with numbers and tables, it gives the opportunity to present information in the most favorable form for perception: as charts and graphs. Here you can carry out complex calculations and perform various mathematical operations. In addition, the user does not need special knowledge; it is enough to study how to work in to work in excel

What is this office application?

Excel works with files that form a book consisting of separate sheets. Letters, symbols and numbers are entered into the table cells. They can be copied, moved or deleted. If necessary, various operations are carried out with them: textual, mathematical, logical and other. Beginners who are just learning how to work in Excel should know that any information can be displayed as graphs or to work in excel

How to create a file?

The first step is to open the document. To create it, you need to click on the program's shortcut or go to the application through the “Start”.

By default, the name is set to “Book 1”, but in the “File name” line you can enter any name. While working, it is worthwhile to periodically save data in order to avoid loss of information in the event of a computer crash or freeze.

Between the sheets, you can easily switch by clicking on the corresponding inscription at the bottom of the page. If there are a lot of tabs, it’s better to use the arrows on the keyboard. To insert a sheet, you need to find the "Paste" item in the "Home" menu. It will display all possible actions applicable to the sheets, for example, add or delete. Tabs can also be moved.

"Face" of the program

Before you figure out how to work in Excel, it is worth exploring the interface. The tools are located at the top and bottom of the window, and the rest of the area is occupied by rectangles, which are cells. The feature of spreadsheets is that actions can be performed in some cells, and the result can be output in others.

Each table has columns, which are denoted by letters of the English alphabet. Rows are numbered on the left.Thus, any cell has its own coordinates. In each cell, you can enter both data and formulas. Before entering the latter, you must put the symbol "=".

Each cell has its own characteristics

To understand how to learn to work in Excel correctly, the user must know that before entering values, you must specify the dimension of the column or cell. It will depend on how the data is measured. To do this, right-click on the selected range and in the dialog box, select the "Format cells".

If the entered number is more than 999, it is necessary to set the partition by digits Entering spaces yourself is not worth it.

For correct data display, it is impossible to enter more than one single value into one cell. Also, do not enter listings separated by commas or other characters. Each value must have its own to learn to work in excel

How to enter data?

Users who know how to work in Excel, it is easy to enter data. To do this, click on the cell and type letters or numbers on the keyboard. To continue work, you must press "Enter" or TAV.A line break is performed using the ALT + "ENTER" combination.

When entering a month or number in order, it is enough to enter the value in the initial cells, and then drag the marker to the desired range.

Text wrap

Most often, users are interested in how to learn to work with text in Excel. If necessary, it can be carried by words. To do this, select certain cells and in the Home tab, you need to find the Alignment option, and then select Text Wrap.

If you want to automatically change the width and height of the cell according to the entered text, you should do the following: go to the Home tab and in the Cells group select the Format option. Next you need to select the appropriate action.


To format the numbers, select the cell and in the Home tab find the Number group. After clicking on the arrow next to the “General” item, you can select the required format.

To change the font, you need to select a specific range and go to the menu "Home", "Font".

How to create a table?

Knowledge of how to work in Excel is unlikely to be useful to the user if he does not know how to create a table.The easiest way is to select a specific range and mark the borders with black lines by clicking on the corresponding icon at the top of the page. But often requires a non-standard table for forms or documents.

First of all, it is necessary to decide how the table should look in order to establish the width and length of the cells. Select the range, you need to go to the "Format cells" menu and select "Alignment". The option “Merge cells” will help to remove unnecessary borders. Then you need to go to the "Borders" menu and set the required parameters.

Using the "Format cells" menu, you can create different versions of tables by adding or removing columns and rows, as well as changing the boundaries.

Knowing how to work in an Excel spreadsheet, the user will be able to create headers. To do this, in the “Format table” window you need to check the box next to the “Table with headers” item.

To add elements in the table, you must use the "Designer" tab. There you can select the required to work in excel spreadsheet

What are macros for?

If the user often has to repeat the same actions in the program, he will need knowledge of how macros work in Excel.They are programmed to perform actions in a specific sequence. Using macros allows you to automate certain operations and facilitate monotonous work. They can be written in various programming languages, but their essence does not change.

To create a macro in this application, you need to enter the “Tools” menu, select the “Macro” option, and then click “Start recording”. Next you need to perform those actions that are often repeated, and after finishing the work, click "Stop recording".how macros work in excel

All these instructions will help the novice figure out how to work in Excel: keep records, create reports and analyze numbers.

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