How to trim a currant?

An important stage in the formation of currant bushesis its pruning. For beginners in gardening this is a difficult task. After all, at first glance, it is difficult to determine which shoots to cut and which ones to leave. Therefore, many ask themselves: how to trim the currant? In fact, to cut the currant, no special skills are needed. Therefore, arm yourself with a secateur, and proceed directly to the matter.

How to properly cut currant

Pruning of red and black currants significantlydiffers among themselves. Therefore, consider both options. Shrubs of black currant are formed gradually - for 4-5 years. This bush consists of about 15-20 branches of different ages. Those. on this bush there should be three or four branches at the age of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years. To determine the age of the branch, find the outer annual rings and count them from top to bottom.

The main branches of the currant yield a good harvest inthe first 4-6 years, then this indicator decreases. Therefore, at the age of 5-6 years old branches must be completely cut off at the very base. To do this, choose 6-8 annual, properly located and strongest shoots. And the others are cut using a pruner. Further, the annual pruning is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • The first year: stems, whose age is more than 4-5 years. Such stems are almost black in color, on which you can easily distinguish them from young shoots.
  • The second year: we cut off all the stems that are hanging and lying on the ground.
  • The third year: we cut off the stems that are directed into the bush.
  • Fourth year: We cut off all unnecessary shoots that come from the root neck and shoots, the tops of which froze during the winter.
  • Fifth year: We cut off all the stems that are diseased or withered.

If the annual growth rate is less than 15cm, this branch is removed. Young shoots, which you left to replace, should be shortened to the third part, thereby strengthening the branching. Be sure to keep on the bush were branches of all ages.

Trimming red and white currants

Virtually all of the fruit buds of these currantsvarieties are laid on the tops of shoots, then turning into "bouquet" branches, which are located in a bunch near the border of annual increments. On average, they bear fruit for about 4 years. Therefore, due to such features, it is impossible to shorten the annual root and lateral shoots, which are located on the upper part of the perennial branch.

The main crop of currants of these varieties is formedon 2-5-year-old branches. Forming the bush, you should leave 3-4 annual shoots per year. We cut out sick and weak shoots. And also those who "hammer" the middle. The main skeletal branches of this currant yield 6-8 years. Branches that have not reached this age should be removed only when they do not increase and do not bear fruit. Old and lean branches are removed completely at the base of the bush. The formation of the currant bush ends at the age of 5-8 years. Formed and fruit bearing bush should consist of 2-3 branches of different ages. The number of such branches should be 10-12. Be sure to make sure that the bush retains such a different age composition of branches.

And the last. When is it better to trim the currant? Crop, thin and rejuvenate currant bushes of any variety is best in the early spring, and be sure until the buds are not budding.

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