How to treat throat during pregnancy?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
December 24, 2012
How to treat throat during pregnancy?

From viral diseases and colds, especially in the period of cold weather, it is sometimes just “not to run away”. And working in a large team, the probability of getting sick increases. And if we can, “swallowing up” modern medicines, go to work, then this is ruled out during pregnancy. In addition, during pregnancy, all the forces of the female body are aimed at carrying and developing the fetus, he no longer has the strength to fight viruses. Often accompanied by a cold or the same begins with a sore throat. Then, how to treat the throat during pregnancy and not harm the baby?

Drugs for the treatment of throat during pregnancy

Any medication, whether it is for throat or headache, should be taken after consulting a specialist. Habitual medications for us, which we usually use, “catching up” with a cold can be dangerous for a future baby. Do not engage in self-medication and amateur performance!

It happens to cure throat during pregnancy, the doctor may prescribe aerosol Kameton. It is inexpensive and is considered less secure. Mucaltin is also prescribed, but as you know, it does not help much. This treatment option may not be suitable for you, as the pregnancy is different for everyone, in any case, rather, call the doctor at home, you will be prescribed the necessary medications.

How to treat throat during pregnancy folk remedies

And this type of treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. But the most effective treatment for the throat is gargling. A more affordable and effective option is to rinse with soda (for a glass of warm water, 1 tsp. Soda). In this solution, you can add 2 drops of iodine, if there is no allergy to it or contraindications to use. Rinse need after meals 3 times a day. Broth sage, eucalyptus or chamomile is also permissible to gargle during pregnancy. Or use these herbs as inhalation for the throat. You can buy a compressor nebulizer, it will greatly facilitate the process of inhalation, and in the future will help to cope with a cold baby.As well as plenty of fruit and good mood. After all, a lot also depends on the mood. Another will help alcohol compress on the throat area. But to use fir oil and Menovazin for grinding this area is impossible. Also, pregnant feet can not float and put mustard plasters.

If the throat does not pass within 5 days, do not be lazy to visit a specialist. It is not necessary to fill in the Internet search engine: pregnancy, sore throat, than to treat, and blindly follow all the instructions and tips. The body of each person is individual, as well as during pregnancy. Only qualified specialist assistance! It is worth remembering that a sore throat can cause fever and other cold effects. Feeling worse, call the doctor at home.

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