How to strip wallpaper?

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How to strip wallpaper?

The life of the wallpaper is not too long, in addition, quite often there is a desire to update the design of the walls. Having started redecorating your house, you must take care of removing the old wallpaper, otherwise the new material will stick badly, and it will look ugly. Old wallpaper can be torn off in various ways. Next, consider some of them.

With a spatula

Old wallpaper can be torn with a spatula. Pry them to the upper edge of the web of finishing material and pull sharply down. If some pieces of wallpaper still do not peel off the wall, then you will need to pry them off from all sides with a spatula and sharply tear them off. After this work, glue will remain on the walls. It is necessary to moisten it with hot water using a sponge, and then leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then you can easily remove it with a spatula.

Using water

Plain water will help to quickly peel wallpaper. Take a foam roller and moisten it abundantly with clean liquid, which should be at room temperature (be sure to disconnect the house before carrying out such work). Then wait 5-10 minutes for the wallpaper to soak thoroughly in water, and then start ripping them off.They will move away from the walls easily. If you have glued waterproof wallpaper, then before applying water to them you will need to remove the upper layer with a knife.

With vinegar and soap

To remove the wallpaper, you can use a solution prepared on the basis of vinegar and soap. The last component must be taken in an amount of 100 g and grated. Then put it in the bucket, add 5 tbsp there. spoon of vinegar and pour all this 15 liters of water. Apply the resulting solution with a sponge on the wallpaper and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, the wallpaper will be easy to tear off the walls.

Using steam

If you have an iron with a vertical steaming function, then use this device to remove the wallpaper. Walk them through the finishing material through a damp cloth (for example, cheesecloth). After that, you can immediately begin to peel wallpaper - they will move away from the walls without much difficulty.

With the help of special tools

To strip wallpaper it was easier, you can use special liquids for removing wall coverings. You can easily find them in hardware stores. Such products are non-toxic and are applied using a roller or other available tools.They quickly penetrate into the structure of the wallpaper and allow you to remove them from the walls without much hassle.

Liquid wallpaper

All of the above options are great for paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpapers, but what if you did the finishing with liquid? Use Ceresit CT-17 primer. It should be diluted with warm water according to the instructions, and then applied to the liquid wallpaper and leave for 5-10 minutes. After that, you can easily remove the finish with a spatula or other device, as it will soften.

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