How to start developing applications for Android?

Nowadays, the development of applications for Android is one of the most promising areas of business, career building. You can work in the office, you can - remotely, and you can be a “free artist” at all, receiving and handing over orders via the Internet, and receiving wages here. If you choose to develop applications for Android, you can work at least on the Maldivian beach - a dream, and only that! True, you need to be able to come to this, to achieve this, because not everyone can become a developer. Is such a career from scratch possible and how to start it right?

android application development

Programming is interesting

To create a good application, you need to understand both the platform for which it is intended and the resources that need to be implemented in the project. Of course, you need to perfectly have all the tools in the chosen field of programming, so that the code is of high quality, clean, without errors, flaws and bugs. Often, newbies ask: “What do you need to develop Android applications?”.First of all - general ideas about the rules of programming, as well as the features of the selected operating system.

Currently, there are few specialists capable of creating really good application code, so there is a shortage of professionals in the market - the niche is half empty. But unfortunate programmers who seem to be able to write something, but only the quality of the finished project is not at all as high as the customer expects - the whole sea. Of course, for the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS to bring a decent income, you need to belong to the second category.

Getting started

The development of applications for Android begins with the study of OOP, object-oriented programming languages. At the same time, they need to be mastered not at the level of a general idea, but deeply, in order to develop high-quality code. This skill is necessary for any programmer, no matter under what platform he is going to write.

how to start developing applications for android

The high value of a programming language is the basic ability to develop applications for Android. Being fluent in technical language, you can get involved in a complex project, take on the task of a team leader and (naturally!) Receive a large financial reward for your work.But a person who is just starting out with the PLO cannot count on substantial money. However, the responsibility for it is usually imposed frivolous.

Read - do not re-read!

To master the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS, you need to start with the development of the logic of a technical language. Specialized publications created by professionals especially for beginners come to the rescue. Usually they are called "Development for Dummies", "Introduction to Basics", "Development of mobile applications for Android: level 1" or something like. It will be necessary to study the chosen edition very carefully (most likely, not one) in order to master the most basic concepts, the logic of a technical language. These books form a novice programmer about the process of software development in general terms.

application development for android eclips books

The next step is a deeper dive into the environment. In stores you can find a wide variety of books a la "Mobile Application Development for Android: Level 2", "Programming for Continuing" and "How to start writing your own applications?". The more literature you manage to learn, master, understand, the more efficiently you will work.

What do we write on?

How to start developing applications for Android? As experienced programmers say, first you need to understand which programming language is easier and easier to work with, which is more suitable for realizing the tasks set before a newbie. Currently, Java, C ++, Visual C # are being actively used. Predominantly stop at "Java" as the best option for creating a variety of software - even quite interesting games. An important advantage of this language is the possibility of implementing cross-platform applications, that is, those that can simultaneously operate under different operating systems. And, as you know, they earn the most from developing applications for Android those whose applications at the publishing stage are suitable not only for this OS, but also iOS, Windows Phone. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to implement such a project than for one platform.

If it was decided through the books to develop applications for Android Eclips using the Visual C # programming language, then you can count on the support of the global community of programmers. The fact is that specialists created huge databases, libraries containing additional software.This means that the programmer writes the code as it is more convenient for him, and special translation algorithms make it possible to transcode the result into instructions of a specific operating system.

Where to begin?

Three primary conditions, the possession of which allows you to answer all the questions about how to create an application development for Android:

  • Development environment.
  • OS emulator.
  • Code collector.

development of mobile applications for android ios

When planning how to start developing applications for Android, you need to think in advance about the future possibilities for improving, improving, developing the application. Usually, users expect from a favorite, useful application of regular updates that change not only the design, but also the functionality. All quality products are regularly improved (by the way, the Android OS itself). At the same time, updates should be accompanied by maintaining a high level of stability, that is, the quality of the application is maintained high by default.

The latest technology for the new project

As can be seen from the experience of well-known programmers, the development of mobile applications for Android results in a truly high-quality product, if modern tools, advanced technologies, and the latest approach were used.At the same time, you should not neglect the well-known and well-proven methods of building code. The combination of quality and novelties allows us to achieve the most efficient, balanced, economical code that implements all the functions necessary for an application.

At the same time, the development of mobile applications for Android is not an arms race, there is no need to constantly explore the new programming world, without really understanding what was released, invented, or constructed earlier. It is better for beginners to write applications using those new solutions for which there is already training material, and they have gained experience in solving problems arising when working in the programming environment. Many novice programmers need help and advice, and for the most advanced technologies, they are often simply nowhere to get them. But it is also impossible to neglect new editions - it is important to track trends in the chosen field in order to successfully predict what demand will be in the programming market in the near and distant future. This will allow you to set for yourself the right improvement course as an application programmer.

Toolkit - first necessity

It is impossible to imagine a carpenter without a hammer, a builder without a trowel and a driver without a car. Similarly, a programmer cannot work without a development environment. There are several options, there is no universal recipe for choosing the best for yourself. Most often resort to options "Eclipse" (development of "Netbins") and "Visual Studio" (authorship of "Microsoft"). There are smaller packages that have their positive and negative sides. To understand where it is easier to work, and the process turns out to be more productive, it is worth trying first the two most famous options, and then the other, more exotic ones, if the first two do not fit.

application development for android where to start

Having decided on the programming environment, proceed to the choice of the emulator "Android". This is a software solution in which you can quickly see what is already programmed, how well it works, what errors it produces. In short, the emulator allows you to see the intermediate result of the work. An emulator is an add-on of the environment in which programming is conducted. It is intended for testing and shows how the application behaves,if it is delivered to a real device running the Android OS. The main advantage of the emulator is the security of the device when the application crashes. If something is programmed in error, the system will notify you about it, but the technique will not suffer. As the professionals in their field say, it is especially important for beginners to master the use of an emulator in order not to risk working equipment unnecessarily.

Do I need it?

Already from what has been described (and this is only the tip of the iceberg called “Mobile Application Development”) many newbies might get the impression that “there is no need to make a game of candle”, simply speaking, you need to put in too much effort, and the work itself is too complicated, therefore it is worth even taking it. But in fact, this is not the case at all. Indeed, starting to write good applications is not easy, but the result is worth it.

earn money on application development for android

Currently, the demand for mobile application programming professionals is increasing day by day. This is associated with the proliferation of smartphones, and with the policies of large companies (Google, Microsoft), encouraging the best developers. Becoming a truly top-notch professionalYou can try to get into the state even of these world famous companies! But for this you need to make an effort and you need to start now. However, if we talk about real prospects, then it is better to recall the trends of recent years - almost every more or less large company wants to have its own mobile application, as it is believed that this allows you to keep the client. Must someone develop these applications! And then update them, maintain, improve. In a word, there is no end of work, if you can do your work.

Specific tasks, general requirements

Most modern vacancies begin with the requirement to be able to work in a team. Despite the prevailing stereotype that programmers are people cut off from society, the ability to cooperate with each other is also important for them. The development of a single application usually involves a team that includes managers, testers, designers, programmers, and designers. Of course, when creating a very small application, all these functions can be delegated to one person, but in fact such an approach is practiced very rarely.

To succeed in programming, you need to ask yourself a clear setting for teamwork. Well, to become a valuable member of the team, you need to try to get a good experience in solving a variety of tasks. As practice shows, the most important members of the development team are those who can cope with emergency situations, combine known approaches and find unique solutions to the current situation on their own. A novice, fitting into a team of experienced developers, should not only follow the instructions of elders, but also analyze their actions and apply the information obtained in practice. Only in this case, you can count on career growth.

Stability and development

As studies show, it is mostly developers who choose the most convenient programming environment for themselves and in the future work all the time in it, tracking all the latest trends, techniques and tools, in a word, they are not scattered. In many ways, because of this approach, many believe that the words Android and Eclipse are synonymous, because most often it is Eclipse that is resorted to when they write applications for Android.Studio Netbins has created a unique software tool suitable for very small and very large, large-scale projects. Its versatility and provoked such popularity.

Hello World!

Software development for smartphones managed by the Android OS is not just the creation of a welcome page. This is a fairly large amount of work on the design, design, programming, promotion and maintenance of the object. At the same time, a reliable performer always stipulates in advance the deadlines for which the work must be completed, and adheres to them carefully. Of course, if you warn that the client company is dealing with a newcomer, perhaps the delay will be forgiven, but it ruins the reputation.

what you need to develop applications for android

In order not to face the unpleasant consequences of their own punctuality, it is necessary to exclude it from the first working day. Professionals recommend that when you receive an order, immediately break the project into small steps and determine the time limits for each for each. Being able to stay ahead of the established framework is excellent. There is a lag - it means you need to work more actively, more, more productively. You may need to seek help and advice.The most important thing is not to disrupt the deadlines, because this will not only ruin the career within the framework of the current project, but may also become a reason for refusing to cooperate in the future on the part of other potential customers.

Through hardship to the stars!

In order not to doubt their ability to cope even with a difficult situation, it is necessary to regularly devote time to specialized literature in a chosen field of activity. Surely it will be possible to draw from it new information about solutions, approaches, methods, about the new version of using the logic of the language. If a problem situation develops one day, it is this material that can be a source of inspiration for solving a problem.

development of mobile applications for android

Remember that a branded application for any modern company is an element of prestige, which means that the tasks of developing such projects will be relevant for quite a long time. This is an area in which it is promising to invest strength, time and money. At the same time, you can not force yourself. If a novice tried programming under "Android" and realized that this area is not interesting to him, completely incomprehensible and not given, you should try to look for yourself in something else.Programming requires a specific system of thinking, and it really is not given to everyone. Therefore, the main thing - do not give up and continue to look for their vocation.

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