How to brake on skates?

April 13, 2012

Ice skating is one of the best ways to spend your winter leisure time. Just imagine: frost and sun, a wonderful day, and you are cutting through the icy expanses of new skates! But this great picture can spoil the little trouble. For example, the inability to slow down on skates, the consequence of which could be a broken nose or a broken leg. Of course, no one wants such a fate for itself, so it is necessary to learn how to properly slow down on skates. How to do it? There are many ways. Here are the most popular:

  • Stop accelerating, put your legs parallel to each other and effortlessly go forward. Braking will occur due to the increasing force of friction of the skates on the ice.
  • You can slow down by making frequent movements of the legs, then directing them to each other, then turning to the side. You kind of draw two zigzags with your feet. This method helps to slow down smoothly.
  • Crouch on one leg, take the other one forward and rest it on the ice with the back of the skate.Leg, rested in the ice, quickly slows down and stops movement. By the same principle it is possible to brake a little differently. To do this, the free leg must be pulled back and the teeth of the skate cling to the ice. For braking you need 3-6 meters. The method is very easy and ideal for beginners. Do not try to slow down in this way on both legs, otherwise you may lose balance.
  • The way "plow". He was borrowed from skiers. To slow down in this way, you need to sit on both legs, begin to press on the heels and at the same time gradually bring together the toes of the skates. At the end of the braking socks need to bring together a sharper movement.
  • The way "semicircle". It is necessary to make one foot forward, while pressing on the inner edge of the skate. The movement of this leg must be perpendicular to the movement of the supporting leg. As a result, you draw a semicircle with your free leg, turn slightly and quickly brake even at high speed.
  • The method of braking with the whole ridge edge is quite complicated, but having mastered it, you can quickly and easily stop. To do this, move the weight of the body from one foot to the other and try to push the edge of the skate as hard as possible into the ice.
  • Hockey players often use the following method: after spreading their legs should be sharply turned and the skates strongly pressed into the ice. To maintain balance at the moment of braking, slightly tilt the torso backwards.

It must also be remembered that it is possible to learn to brake well only on sharply sharpened skates, so watch out for their condition. And of course, you need to train and train again! And those who are afraid to immediately slow down in motion, you can work out the position of the foot, just standing on the ice. When you understand how to properly stand foot when braking, you can practice the movement. We told you how to brake on skates. And as a good example, we offer you a video of how to learn to brake on skates.

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