How to sleep a little?

The modern way of life makes us all the timesomewhere in a hurry. It seems that the day is always short enough to have time to remake all important matters. Yes, even daily 8 hours of sleep little by little steal from us a whole third of life. We suggest that you learn how to sleep less without harm to the body.

Polyphase dream

There is a specially developed system,which allows you to sleep only 2 hours a day, productively using the remaining 22 hours. If you sleep for 2 hours in a row, nothing will come of it. This time should be divided into approximately 6 parts. Every 4 hours you should sleep for 20 minutes.

The period of adaptation to such a regime of the day isapproximately 10 days. During this time a person may experience serious discomfort. However, having entered the necessary rhythm, the organism, on the contrary, is in a constant tone. Man becomes more efficient, energetic. Every day there is a large amount of extra time - as much as 6 hours! This time can be devoted to work, creativity, active rest.

In addition, this technique has a beneficialpsychological influence. The realization that a person could overcome the hardships of adaptation to polyphasic sleep, achieved such a unique result, gives him self-confidence.

Varieties of polyphasic sleep regimes

There are several types of sleep reduction:

Uberman is the most common way,described above. Two hours of sleep is divided into 6 parts of 20 minutes. It is necessary to fall asleep in equal intervals of time. For example, at 01:00, 05:00, 09:00, 13:00, 17:00, 21:00.

Dimaxion - sleep for 30 minutes every 6 hours.

Everyman - at night a dream lasting an hour and a half, and during the day - three times for 20 minutes.

It is important to choose that sleep mode that is idealwould be right for you. In order to live in the mode of polyphasic sleep, one must flatly abandon alcohol and drugs, and also reduce to a minimum the use of products containing a lot of caffeine: green tea, coffee, cola, energy.

It seems difficult to imagine how to sleep a little withoutharm to the body. The main thing is not to give up in the first couple of days of polyphasic sleep. This period can really be very difficult. In the first five days even it is undesirable to drive a car. Adaptation will require you to have a serious self-discipline and belief in yourself.

Geniuses choose polyphasic sleep

The most famous person who practiced polyphasic sleep, was the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci. Mysterious genius spent only a half hour a day sleeping, falling asleep every 4 hours for 15 minutes.

Well-known inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla also preferred polyphasic sleep. Is not this the regime of the day that gives people additional creative resources and creative thinking to create a new one?

Of course, do not forget that the polyphasesleep every month gives us about a week of additional invaluable time, and for a year - more than three months of life! You can say that the reduction in sleep gives the person an extra, fifth season a year.

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