How to shear York?

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How to shear York?

Yorkshire Terriers are a very popular breed inLately. Small, affectionate, playful and cute - this is an ideal option for urban apartments. But this small miracle requires constant care. Owners must know how to cut a york, how to feed and how to care.


Even if you do not plan to grow a longwool, for which you need every two or three days to twist the hair, you will still need oil for the dog's hair and the brushes necessary for combing.

What to cut

It's best to get your pet's hair cuta special machine with attachments. Using scissors and a brush, you are unlikely to achieve the ideal effect. But scissors will be needed to cut the wool on the paws and tail.

When buying a machine, make sure that there are at least three nozzles:

  • Nozzle for ears (leaves 1-3 mm of wool)
  • The attachment for the genitals (leaves 5-10 mm)
  • Nozzle for the whole body (leaves 15-20 mm)


Before the haircut, thoroughly wash your dog, andthen dry the hair. Comb it, because it will be much easier with the machine. If there are coils somewhere, clip them with scissors, but so that the six was not shorter than the length of the nozzle. Otherwise you will get an ugly bald patch.

How to cut

In order to understand how to cut correctlyyork, look carefully at six. In which direction and where is it growing? You must always cut the wool. This way, you will cut the back and forth from the bottom. Start the haircut with the ears, then the genitals, then the body, the front paws, then the back, and only at the very end - the head.


Very carefully refer to how to shearyorky ears. Here you will need both scissors and a machine. From the inside, the wool is cut out in the form of a triangle, the top down, and from the outside - in the form of a diamond.

Before cutting, clean the ears of your pet well with a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide. Then remove excess hairs - they can be plucked with tweezers or fingers.

Now take the scissors and gently trimwool along the edge, one third of the abalone from the top. Now bend gently in the eye to the inside one third and mark the triangle line of the end of the haircut. On the inside you need to make the same triangle, and together with the edge of the ear they will create a rhombus.

Now take the machine with the smallest nozzle, and gently shave the remaining wool.

Mowing the whole body

Consider the basic rules of how to shear a york. Video on this topic in the network is enough, here's one of them:

  1. Cutting the body, move in the direction from the rear forward, neatly shearing the wool.
  2. Tail only at the base.
  3. Wool on the legs should be cut to the length of the floor, or even better - by 0.5-1 cm above the floor, so it does not get so messed up.
  4. Six between the paws and on the pads is best to cut the same attachment as for the genitals of the dog.
  5. Wool on the muzzle and paws is better to cut with sharp, long scissors.

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