How to sew a dress without a pattern? How to sew a dress with your own hands

Have you ever thought how to sew it yourself is not so easy to do it, especially to those who, after school lessons in labor, practically did not hold a needle and thread in their hands. But if in the sewing business there are at least minimal skills, sewing a dress does not seem prohibitively difficult. The main thing is the desire and the presence of even a drop of fantasy, and experience is a new thing.

Also in this case patience is important. With self-made it is possible to get an exclusive model that you will not find in boutiques and salons of the finished dress. Of course, nowadays the choice is simply amazing with diversity, but any woman dreams of getting something that suits her. In this case, she has no choice but to sew a dress with her own hands.

How to sew a dress without a pattern

As a rule, the dress is sewn according to the pattern, which comes about immediately after you have decided on the size, style and fabric.Many do not even think that in some cases you can do without it.

We sew a dress without a pattern

If you do not want to complicate your life with patterns, try to make a transforming dress. In this case, the accuracy of the patterns and the perfect cutting are not as important as the correct and original drape. You also need to successfully pick up the fabric. Its texture should allow to form soft beautiful waves, easily and elegantly draped. Ideal - elastic thin double-sided knitwear. It should be bought in quantities of about three meters.

In addition, the quality of the seams is very important. Even with all the exterior refinement of your model, handicraft stitches will instantly tell about the unprofessionalism of the dressmaker.

Sewing technology

How to sew a dress without a pattern? Before sewing is to take a few basic measurements. These are chest girth, belt height, distance from the knee to the clavicle, and also from the knee to the edge of the hem. All the dress is made up of three main parts - the main part, the belt and the strings. The main part is cut out directly on the fabric in the form of a rectangle of the desired width (of course, you first need to measure your own volumes).

How to sew a dress with your own hands

After that, it folds in half, a small incision is made along the fold line, into which the belt is then placed. It is cut out of a strip of fabric, the circumference of the belt should be equal to the girth of your chest. The stitches are also sewn from the main fabric a centimeter wide and a half and about three meters long.

If you have decided on the length, try on the resulting structure. Pay attention to the art of elegant draping folds in front of a large mirror.

You are a beautiful Greek woman

Another idea how to sew a dress without a pattern is to make a so-called Greek dress. It can be sewn from the most ordinary piece of matter. It will be necessary to cut and join together only a couple of "wings". Parts of the dress will be connected from top to bottom at the side seams.

The result, despite the simplicity of manufacturing, looks elegant and elegant. Greek dress is suitable for a woman with almost any figure.

The depth of the neckline depends on the woman. Some prefer a big neckline, others, on the contrary, want to hide their breasts. Many designers are trying to successfully emphasize the beautiful female breast, securing a decorative ribbon under it.

We sew a dress without a pattern

Herself a fashion designer

Greek dress - the classic version of the dress without a pattern. Now this style is very popular. Many fashion houses in their shows use the Greek style. As a rule, expensive brands are not affordable for mere mortals. It does not matter - in the absence of bank notes for the purchase of designer clothes, an exclusive version can be made by yourself. The styles of Greek dresses are very simple - after all, Greek women went to free robes, which completely covered their legs. For his tailoring enough minimum skills of owning a needle. This style is suitable even for ladies of large build.

Leading fashion designers sew summer dresses in the Greek style from unusually light weightless materials. Since it is easiest to sew a dress without a pattern from plastic flowing fabrics, you and I should also start with summer models.

The color of the Greek dress can be absolutely any. Do not be afraid to overdo it with bright colors. Any bold color is balanced by simplicity of style. Draining folds will hide the flaws of almost any shape. The feeling of a woman wearing such a dress is a feeling of coziness and extraordinary comfort.

Sew a simple dress without a pattern

How to sew a Greek dress

What you need to buy if you decide to quickly sew a simple dress without a pattern? A piece of matter, having a length of about two and a half meters, a decorative braid, belts for the belt, which can also be cut out from the main fabric. In addition, thread, scissors, needles and a tape.

How to start sewing such a dress? Spread a piece of cloth on the floor, define the middle, draw a horizontal line at the level of the clavicle, cut a hole for the head in the center of the piece of fabric, for which a horizontal line is drawn perpendicular to the center line.

Cutout holes should be processed along the edges and hide all threads. Trying on a piece of fabric with a hole, determine the level of the neckline. Dress this style should be tied with a ribbon under the chest or at the waist. Below the belt, the fabric will flow freely around the figure.

Side seams in some models, you can not sew. With a properly cutout for the head of the cloth, they are applied so successfully that the legs are completely closed. On the finished dress worn belt decorated with decorative elements, picks up the fabric at the waist and under the bust. Done! You managed to quickly sew a dress without a pattern, and you turned into a real Greek woman, graceful and graceful.

Quickly sew a dress without a pattern

Another variant

What else can you think of if you want to quickly get an exclusive outfit, but you don’t have the time and desire to mess with the patterns? The original idea of ​​how to sew a dress without a pattern can be the use of an old fitting dress lying around in the wardrobe. Having bought a certain amount of light flowing material of suitable color, we get down to business.

We put on an old dress. This will be the cover-basis of the new exclusive outfit. Then we throw the bought canvas over it. And we begin to improvise. Using pins, we pin the fabric in different places, following the results in a large mirror. In this case, in the purchased piece of matter in advance, you should make a cut for the head, as well as for the Greek dress. Having gathered the fabric in beautiful folds, we pin it to the old dress.

After the folds are formed, gently tighten the entire structure over the head. We fasten the drapery, stitching to the dress-based. New outfit ready in minutes! Just remember - the material for the top must match in color with the fabric of the dress base.

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