How to satisfy hunger?

How to satisfy hunger?

Sometimes the feeling of hunger occurs even when you eat regularly and properly. Most often this happens during monotonous sitting work or in the evening. If you succumb to temptation and satisfy small hunger every time, it can negatively affect your figure.

It is necessary to think carefully about what foods you can snack on without harming the figure, and to maintain a feeling of satiety for a longer time.

Much less hungryif you drink a lot of fluids: water, tea or juice. But do not drink water or carbonated drinks or containing sugar. If you do not want to drink just water, then add a few pieces of dried fruit. This will visibly brighten the taste and will also bring additional benefits. You can also make yourself a smoothie - a cocktail of fruit and vegetables. It is very useful, the recipes can be varied to your taste, and it is quite nutritious.

How to satisfy hunger?You can also eat fruits or vegetables. The best choice would be: oranges, bananas, pineapples, apples. They perfectly satisfy the appetite.For better effect, they are better to cut into slices. Vegetables will also be useful. You can chop boiled vegetables (except potatoes), and eat them either just like that or before sprinkling with olive oil.

Very nutritious nuts. Of course, they are high in calories, but in order to get enough, you need a very small amount.

If the feeling of hunger does not pass, you can go to dairy products. Perfectly satisfy hunger kefir or yogurt. In the case of yogurt, you can take only natural, without sugar. Such yogurts are quite realistic to do on your own if you purchase a special yogurt maker. To make kefir or yogurt a little tastier, add some fruits, berries or dried fruits.

If you still decided to eat, then choose light, not high-calorie foods. To do this, perfect beans, oatmeal or eggs.
Also, do not deny yourself a small piece of dark chocolate. It is quite rich and low-calorie.

It is very important not to rush and chew all the food thoroughly.
If you want to escape from the feeling of hunger, then do something interesting, addicting. In the evening you can go for a walk in the fresh air.Only upon returning immediately go to bed.

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