How to remove the door card?

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How to remove the door card?

To repair, for example, locks and windows, or install noise insulation and speakers, you must remove the inner door trim (door card). This procedure is quite complicated - largely due to the fact that the skin is attached to plastic clips and a bunch of screws. However, you can remove the card yourself. Let's figure out how to remove the inner door trim.

Preparation for work

Before removing the card, you need to make sure that you have the necessary tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • plastic clipper (metal will not work!).

Important! In the room where you work, the temperature should be above +15 degrees, it will make the plastic softer, more pliable and will allow you to avoid breaking plastic clips.

Dismantling the card (for example, car Lanos)

  1. First of all, we disconnect the decorative overlay of the mirror adjustment with the help of the clipper.
  2. Now let's handle the handle - remove the decorative cover of the handle of the lock - do not rush, perform all movements smoothly and carefully.Then unscrew the screw with a screwdriver, which holds the handle. Next, install the clipper from the side of the handle and hold it in the gap to the middle, insert it inside the door. The panel should pop out by itself.
  3. Disconnect the wiring from the keypad that controls the power windows.
  4. It's time to unscrew the screws. They are three, and they are at the bottom of the door. After you unfasten them, only hidden rivets will hold the door.
  5. Pull the trim gently towards you. Did you hear the click? This means that the casing does not hold anything else and it can be safely dismantled completely.

In the same sequence, you can remove the trim from other doors. As for other models of cars, the sequence of work, as a rule, is about the same.

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