How to remove psychics?

In “The Battle of Psychics,” incredible things happen all the time: either they restore the story of the death of a person, then they define damage, they find a hidden object, and sometimes they communicate directly with the dead spirits and have a dialogue with them. Miracles and more!

Of course, everything mystical and unknowing attracts the attention of viewers, and fans of this already long-standing TV project are looking forward to the new season, raising the show's rating to the joy of the organizers and owners of the channel. But let's try to look at this teleproject with the eyes of a skeptic and understand how psychics are being filmed and for what.

"Battle of psychics": a true fight or a bright show?

If you read the stories of people who tried to get on this TV project and participated in it, then the general scheme of selection of participants is as follows: everyone who wants to come to the casting on a particular day, participate in several qualifying trials and, if they pass, they are included in the TV project.Further, all participants pass the same tests, the results of which reveal the most successful, which becomes the winner, receives recognition and a cash prize.

That is, the struggle of different psychics appears before the viewer's eyes, following which only one receives recognition. Is it true all this? It is said that if a person has a real gift, then he will not put it on public display in order to prove something to someone, as well as enrich himself materially - but as we remember, in this program the winner gets a solid cash prize. In addition, with such an attitude with his gift, you can easily lose it.

Another important point: those who believe in extrasensory perception and use it are completely different people. Someone easier to read information from objects, someone better sees the human energy, etc. In psychics can not be equally developed all the abilities, so that all of them can be objectively checked by the same tests as it happens in transfer.

If you look for information about this show, you can also find the following data:

  • The most attentive notice certain "bloopers" when they say one thing, but not exactly that is taken. For example, they are mistaken in years, exact dates and numbers, etc.
  • One can argue with the conditions of some tests: not all of them are as objective as possible - sometimes the chances of winning for a shrewd, attentive and psychologically prepared person are much higher.
  • With the participation of psychics in the transfer of all the tests they are more or less successfully, but in many real situations, when they are asked to help in solving a particular situation, many are often very wrong.
  • The behavior of some participants and their appearance are attractive to viewers. Bright appearance, unusual manner of speech, attributes - all this causes interest and is done in order to attract attention. However, they say that all this external “tinsel” is not required to a true psychic, because he is not trying to prove anything to anyone using all available means.
  • Finally, you can find records of interviews of people directly associated with this show. For example, in one of them a girl tells that on the eve of the next test, a participant received a letter in the mail with a detailed description of what will happen and how to behave in order to successfully pass it.

Some skeptics also say that the participants of the show may not be completely healthy mentally - they are really starting to believe that they have some abilities and so on, when in fact this is not the case.

On the camera outside the show, not everyone is ready to demonstrate their abilities. However, after the transfer, many such psychics get wildly popular - people go to them for a session in droves. Based on the foregoing, you yourself can make a conclusion and understand whether it is really all or just a good commercial move to attract popular attention.

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