In the period from June 22 to July 22, the Sun resides in the first summer sign of the zodiac - Cancer. The main life cycles of the sign are controlled by the Moon. It is she who arranges the “ebbs” and “ebbs” of the mood of Rakov women, and from her they received their famous sentimentality, mystery and love of the subject. The moon is always reflected in the Water - the elements to which the Cancers also belong. In this combination of the two patrons, the women of Cancer draw on wisdom, love and secret knowledge. In Water, Cancers feel at home, so she is the source of their vitality, energy, inspiration and health.

Element of Cancer - waterElement of Cancer - water
Cancer women are protected by stones and talismans according to the date of birth. For women born from June 22 to July 1, hematite will be the best amulet, carnelian will emphasize dignity, and moonstone will inspire creativity. If the date of birth falls on the period from July 2 to July 11, a woman Raku can increase self-confidence with the help of chrysoprase, the level of wealth - topaz, and the protective properties of the body - opal.Crayfish, born on a decade between July 12 and July 22, can be used for acquiring happiness aquamarine, and for independence - the cat's eye.
Favorable for cancer women are also considered:
  • numbers: 2 (all numbers divisible by 2), 4, 5, 8;
  • days: monday, thursday;
  • colors: all "moon" shades (white, gray-blue, silver).

The nature of the woman Cancer

When dealing with female Cancers, it is worth considering that their mood changes very often. Astrologers associate this with their patron, the Moon: when it enters a new phase, their charges seem to have something to do with it. Although such women are peaceful and try to avoid conflicts, only a narrow-minded man would call them soft-bodied - the Cancer girl has a solid inner core.


The main advantage of all Cancer women is the ability to love, keep home and loyalty to their family. For them, there is nothing more valuable than family traditions and the atmosphere of love.
For a Cancer woman, the family is a reliable rear, support, protection and hope. In her she draws her strength, and in her she gives them.
Also, the representatives of this sign are very sensual, vulnerable, impressionable and possess super-precise intuition, which can often be attributed to the category of mysticism.However, being close to the witch Cancer, others may not even be aware of her power.
Raku girl can safely trust the secrets - they will remain between you. Crayfish - understanding companions. Being non-conflict people, they easily avoid the "sick" so that they cut off sharp corners.


Cancer women in a foreign environment and with unfamiliar people can be withdrawn and even make a bad first impression. They are far from being revealed to everyone and subject to certain conventions. This feature often deprives them of unique opportunities, which, admittedly, quite often fall to their share.
Representatives of the sign - fatalists. They do not believe that they can "forge" their own happiness themselves, they love to shift responsibility and look for those who are guilty in their troubles.

Qualities to be developed

Cancer women should seriously work on optimism and a positive attitude towards their own lives. They have a well-developed intuition and a rich spiritual world, and this is a powerful weapon against the aggression of the world, which the Cancers, unfortunately, find in everything. When they stop being afraid of hand-crafted phantoms and learn how to use the colossal energy expended on fears, they will become the true rulers of their reality,in which happiness is their eternal companion.

What does a female cancer like?

Women of this sign most of all love to create harmony in relationships, mutual understanding in the family and comfort in the house. They are beautiful and hospitable mistresses. Their dwelling always smells like pies, clean and comfortable, and guests come to them for a generous portion of love and care.
Cancer women love to take care of their bodies. Silks, laces, soft tones, loose hair and fragrances that are maddening are their elements. They know beauty and fashion and always follow it with prudent elegance.

What does not the woman Cancer

Most Cancer women cannot tolerate conditions when they have to experience doubts and feelings of guilt. They doubt their own imperfection, and they feel absolutely guilty in everything. Often the cause of such a mood are problems of personal relationships, loneliness, fears for loved ones.
Hypersensitivity can develop into panic attacks, and the tendency to analyze - in Samoedzhstvo and self-digging. It’s very difficult for women to cope alone with internal conflicts and complexes.They are more likely to visit other psychologists.

How to conquer a woman of Cancer

In order to know how to achieve the position of a Cancer woman, it is better to immediately figure out how to scare her or make her hate her. Criticism! This is the main enemy of a man who wants to build a relationship with a Cancer woman. Internal contradictions, doubts, low self-esteem, and so do not give her peace of mind. But it is one thing to suspect your inferiority, and another thing to hear comments from a man. A Cancer woman will spoil herself with samoing, and in this state she doesn’t like herself the most, so the man who causes negative associations in her will immediately receive a “turn from the gate”.
The easiest way to the heart of a Cancer woman can be her penchant for romanticism and the desire for perfect love. She - quiet, deep water, the waves of which are always peaceful.
But this does not detract from her passion. Cancer women are great mistresses. However, the disclosure of sexual talent is possible only under the condition that every intimate connection will have an emotional content and love affection, in which the Cancer woman must necessarily believe.

Love and marriage

Love is a reward from a Cancer woman, and only a few deserve it, although Cancers often do not even suspect it. With the same power, they love men who adore them and who hate them. Just the women of this sign do not know how differently, moreover, they often become victims of their own delusion that everyone loves so much. This makes Cancers the most emotionally vulnerable of all twelve signs of the zodiac.
However, with the right choice, the weak point of the Rakov becomes their forte. A man who is able to provide an Raku woman with an equal exchange of love, sensuality, attention and care will receive a hundred times more. The main thing is that he has the same need for feelings, otherwise the Cancer woman will bury him under tons of her love. Not everything is able to endure, but in another way with these women does not happen. They even when they hate - they still love!

Work and career

Work rarely takes center stage in the life of a Cancer woman. Her main mission is home, family, caring for loved ones. Of course, you can find women among them who consider work as the meaning of life, while managing to allocate their strength and time equally between work and home.True, at work they create a homely atmosphere in order to balance the needs dictated by the zodiac sign and the desire to realize oneself in the profession. All other types of cancer women are not too pushy and successful in their careers. They are slow, and their work processes are also sluggish.
However, Cancers can be stubborn and find the best ways to solve complex problems, but on condition that they create a favorable atmosphere around them in which they can feel their importance and sincere recognition of their merits by their colleagues.
Often, employees use the softness of cancer women, their pliability and inability to refuse. Such Cancers work not only for themselves, but also “for that guy.”

Suitable profession

Cancer women do not hurry to grow. They are comfortable and satisfying in the parental home. They are easily subordinate to the will of parents in the choice of profession, because they themselves rarely understand what activity they are better to do. Many people adopt the profession of father or mother, because it is most understandable to them. They are happy to take over the running of the family business, since it is here that they can be at home and at work at the same time.Difficult Cancers are given the work associated with the constant travels and business trips.
Cancer women are potentially good in positions related to architecture, construction, cooking, pedagogy, animal husbandry, and water. All these areas make the work a favorite, because it echoes the character and attitude of the Rakov. Therefore, the chances for career ups of a female Cancer will be in such professions as: designers, architects, veterinarians, farmers, restaurateurs, chefs, obstetricians, pediatricians, educators, psychologists, nannies. But the best profession for a woman of Cancer is mother and wife.


Most of the diseases of cancer women are psychosomatic. The reason - prolonged depression. You can get rid of them by changing attitudes and habits, not doctors and medications. In women of this sign are often painful menstruation, accompanied by migraines. The compensation of this disease can be considered the fact that pregnancy and childbirth proceed more easily in Cancer women than in other signs. Unacceptable for health Cancer abortions. They can entail not only physiological problems, but also psychological ones.
The most vulnerable places of cancer women are food-processing and excreting systems of the body. In addition, they are prone to fat, prone to hypotension and frequent constipation. During periods of full moon, it is undesirable for women to sleep too long and drink plenty of fluids, including alcohol. As a preventive measure, Cancer women should more often arrange for themselves fasting days, warm baths, proper rest and sleep. In case of depression, careful use of hypnosis is allowed.

How to raise a child-Cancer-girl

Cancer girls are born with high spiritual needs. They are curious and need the attention of parents to their rich inner world. The souls of Cancer children are very sensitive and vulnerable, therefore it is impossible to educate a child of this sign through punishment and restrictions. Significant silence is enough to make the girl feel guilty. However, given the tendency of Rakov to Samoyed, it is impossible to go too far. In the family, the girl must feel loved and important, otherwise she may lose support and confidence in herself.
For psychological and spiritual comfort, a child needs a pet friend.This may be any animal chosen by the girl, but it is better if the parents buy an aquarium and fish. This requires the water element Rakov. Caring for animals, Cancers strengthen their importance, gain emotional calm and so necessary for them daily portion of unconditional love. It is impossible in the presence of a Cancer girl to discuss the betrayals that happened in the family This can leave an indelible mark on her vulnerable psyche.

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