How to play PS3?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
October 15, 2014
How to play PS3?

The article is specifically devoted to those who have just recently purchased the PlayStation 3 console and have not yet figured out how to play it. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it and all you need is an AV cable, a TV set and a set-top box itself.

Connect to TV

To connect the set-top box to the TV, you need to connect an AV cable, then turn on the TV and the console itself. Then the console will automatically detect the connected equipment, and you will only have to go to the channel, which, as a rule, has a square and arrow icon. In case the console system could not detect the TV and the connection did not occur, use a special SCART cable. Alternatively, you can manually connect using the console manual.

If your TV includes the use of HD mode, then you can connect to the console HDMI cable that must be purchased separately. In case the connection does not occur and you see a dark screen on the TV, you need to restart the PS3 by pressing the power button and holding it for 5 seconds until the beep sounds.

Main menu

Using the main menu, you can adjust the image quality and go online. You will need this in order to download the game to the console. You can also purchase a game disc. The console will automatically detect the game and offer to launch it. No installation required.

If you decide to download the game, then note that this will take some time. It is desirable that at the time of downloading the game the Internet signal does not disappear.

Please note that if you are playing on a firmware version of the console, we recommend turning off the Internet before turning it on. This is necessary to ensure that the console does not freeze when connected to the PlayStationNetwork service, since this service may react badly to the presence of firmware. Then, after connecting to the TV, you can turn on the network and start the games, including from samopisnyh drives.

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