How to name a company?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 25, 2015
How to name a company?

It is known that the name of a company often has great importance in its further successful development and advancement. That is why, before making a final decision on the name, you should carefully consider all the nuances and even conduct a survey (at least among close people). In this article we will explain how to name the company depending on the type of activity.

Key recommendations

When choosing a name for a company, it is recommended to rely on several of the following criteria:

  • Meaningful load: for the name, you can choose words that reflect the niche and the principles that guide the company.
  • Associating: it can be a metaphor, an image or an analogy hinting at a company’s activities
  • Word creation: this is a guarantee of uniqueness, since simple words, as a rule, have long been occupied by other companies. Thus, you can create new names and not repeat. However, the question should be approached seriously so that in pursuit of originality one does not lose common sense.
  • The use of foreign words: the combination of well-known foreign words with Russians is also a pledge of the original name. For example, “Food Master” or “Travel Plus”.
  • Abbreviations: also a good and non-repeating option, which, however, works under the important condition that the letters of the names used are able to constitute a memorable name.

Name examples

Suppose you decide to open a company whose products are building materials, doors, windows or something like that. In this, so to speak, mundane sphere, the flight of fantasy is not particularly important. Such companies are often called by the initials of the founders, for example, it could be “VladStroy” or “VitStroy”.

Often, several initials form a name such as “MarkRom”, “StasDim”, etc. With regard to the semantic load, you can choose the options “Stroy-Alliance” or “Domostroy”. These names immediately understand the scope of the company.

For the title, you can take the first letters of the names of the founders and make an abbreviation. However, keep in mind that, for example, RKML (Roman, Kirill, Mikhail and Leonid), carrying the semantic load (understandable, however, only to the owners themselves), is devoid of sound and will not be remembered.But, if there is a vowel in the letters, you can get the original name. For example, ANDA - Alexey, Nikolay, Dmitry and Arkady.

A dairy company can be called “Milky Way”, “Nezhenka”, “From Grandma” and “Maslenitsa”. For canned products, the names “Appetite”, “Sun”, “Home” are suitable. Such names cause the necessary associations with potential customers.

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