How to make mashed baby?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
April 16, 2013
How to make mashed baby?

Each mom's most important task is to feed the baby properly. After all, its development and health is largely dependent on nutrition. At a certain stage, a lot of puree takes up a considerable part of the diet of children. How to mash the baby properly?

At the word mashed potatoes, associations arise mainly with the potato version of this dish. Children's menu in this matter is much more diverse. Mashed potatoes for kids are made from vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. This is due to the characteristics of the child's digestion. Pureed food is better absorbed, and babies, for obvious reasons, simply cannot chew food.

Vegetable puree

Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of vegetables. They need to be thoroughly washed with a brush, you can with soap, and peeled. Boil in a small amount of water with the lid closed (stew). This reduces the loss of nutrients. Better yet do it in a double boiler.

Vegetables bought on the market, it is better to pre-soak for several hours in water to get rid of nitrates.

Chop cooked vegetables, add boiled milk and some butter.

And how to make mashed potatoes for the introduction of complementary foods? In this case, the vegetables are crushed very carefully, even rubbed through a sieve. And milk can be used breast.

Meat and fish puree

For the preparation of these dishes use fillet products, without streaks and fat. Fish must be very carefully removed bones. Cut the meat or fish into pieces, pour boiling water on it, bring to a boil and drain the water with scum. Then again pour boiling water and cook until done.

Chop the finished pieces by adding a little broth. When using a meat grinder, twist it twice.

Fruit Menu

Wash fruit, pour over boiling water, cut off the peel, remove seeds and chop. It is very necessary to wash berries, especially strawberries.

If the child has stomach problems, it is better to give fruits and berries after heat treatment: add a little over the fire with a small amount of water. Apples can be baked.

Alternating mashed potatoes from different products, you can make the child's menu useful and varied.

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