How to make the bedroom sexier

How to make the bedroom sexier

Creating a sensual atmosphere for sex is incredibly important, so it makes sense to think: can you call yourbedroom ...sexual? The fact that it has a bed - does not count.

We do not suggest that you make something luxurious or ultra-stylish out of it, but only recommend small changes in order to create a true love nest in which you will enjoy each other on cold winter evenings.

Create a sex altar

First, you need to decide once and for all that the bedroom is intended only for two occupations: sound sleep and amazing sex, everything else in it is not the place!

“Remove from there all the things, objects and gadgets that do not contribute to the awakening of your sensuality,” says sexologist Ian Kerner.

How to make the bedroom sexier

This way you will make room for what “turns you on” - be it erotic figurines, paintings or open shelves for various sexual features (for example, massage oils, candles and sex toys).The fact that these items will be in your sight will make you and your partner use them more often - hello, diverse, enchanting sex!

Buy bright bedding

White, starched sheets, as in an expensive hotel, look gorgeous, but you can hardly play them in the spirit of "9 ½ weeks", and the bed in a small flower has full anti-sex and hello from the Soviet past. What to choose?

“Experiment with bright, juicy shades of bed linen - chocolate, orange, burgundy, as well as with its texture. This is a great way to wake up all your senses and increase your libido, ”says sexologist Debbie Herbenick.

How to make the bedroom sexier

Another detail -sensual scentwhich can come not only from your skin, but also from ... a sheet.

Protect yourself from the world

Recent studies have shown that most girls reach orgasm more easily and quickly, if they are not distracted by surrounding noises and extraneous stimuli.

“You have to psychologically disconnect to allow your body to have fun. It is very appropriate to recall the advertising slogan: “Let the whole world wait,” explains Kerner.

And how can you relax if a company of teenagers is having fun outside the window, and a neighbor or a child can suddenly enter the bedroom? Take care that this does not happen: insert a seal into the window frames, suppressing sounds and take care of a secure lock on the door.

How to make the bedroom sexier

Hanging erotic pictures

And family pictures, on the contrary, put them in the living room or album - they don’t have a place in the bedroom. During sex, you (and even more so your boyfriend) are unlikely to want to contemplate parents looking strictly at you from a photo on the wall. Instead, you can hang your photos taken by her boyfriend during a romantic weekend or abstract pictures that seem especially exciting. Pay attention to the masterpieces of the zesty genre: Jonathan Leder, Josh Ryan or Terry Richardson.

Install dimmer

“A lot of guys and girls are unhappy with the way their bedroom is lit. Either the light is very bright, or vice versa - not enough to visually stimulate their libido, ”says Kerner.

In this case, it is easier and easier to install a dimmer that allows you to dim the lighting in the room at any time. By the way, well-known temptress Dita von Teese also thinks so: she calls this item one of the first secrets of her sexuality.

How to make the bedroom sexier

Choose the right candles

It's time to dump the candles with the vanilla scent that you thought were best for sex and replace them with the same ones, but with the scent of ... pumpkin! A study conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, showed that the smell of pumpkin acts on men as an aphrodisiac, increasing blood flow to the genitals.

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