How to make a manicure using a newspaper

Beautiful nail design is not always something complicated and time consuming. It is enough to show a little imagination, pick up materials and start. For example, a manicure using a newspaper is done in just a few minutes, it does not require large financial investments and skills. It is enough to prepare everything you need and spend only 20-30 minutes of time. How to make a manicure with a newspaper at home and independently? Follow the simple tips described below.newspaper manicure

Design history

For the first time, a manicure with a newspaper was used in France by a nail service master, who sought to bring something new into the nail art. She really liked one print edition, the circulation of which was not too large. This grieved the girl. After that, she got the idea: to make a manicure with the help of a newspaper, which she likes so much, so that everyone could appreciate the innovation in the nail industry, and read the latest issue. After this, a type of design that has been popular to this day has rapidly burst into fashion.And the French, by the way, not only increased the circulation of her favorite newspaper, but also became to make a manicure with a newspaper

Mandatory conditions

As with any other type of manicure, the "newspaper" has its own characteristics that must be considered. Firstly, only a fresh newspaper is used. Old badly give a print on nails, are torn and smear ink. Secondly, the surface of the nail plate should be smooth. That is, the nails must first prepare. Thirdly, the base color lacquer is recommended to use light colors without nacre or sparkles. Matte lacquer is also suitable, but not with a velvet effect, otherwise the design will simply not be printed. Manicure with a newspaper is performed only on completely dried and prepared nails.


It will require a minimum amount of materials that are usually on hand in every home. Before you make a manicure with a newspaper, you need to prepare in advance alcohol or vodka, so that you can transfer the picture to your nails. Additionally, a degreaser and hand cream are required.beautiful manicure using a newspaper


They are not so much: orange cuticle sticks, tweezers, nail file and baf. Without them, a manicure with a newspaper is impossible.How to do it with these tools? The newspaper will be picked up by tweezers and put on nails. If you do it with your hands, the drawing will be smeared.

Manicure with a newspaper. Instruction

First you need to prepare the nails. First, the cuticle is removed and removed with a special solution or nippers. Secondly, the nails are sawed. They definitely need to give the same symmetrical shape, otherwise the manicure will not look too beautiful. Third, nail plates are polished with a buff to make them smooth.manicure with a newspaper how to do

Step 1: Basis

The basis for manicure is applied on all nails. After it dries, you can repeat the action. This will protect the nails from the effects of color pigments, which are in color lacquer. And a manicure will last longer.

Step 2: Color Varnish

Apply the selected base color varnish in one thin layer. Dry it thoroughly. After that, if necessary, re-apply the varnish. When it dries completely, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Newspaper Preparation

Cut the selected release into small pieces. In size, approximately equal to the nail plates. It does not matter, a color newspaper or black and white.It is desirable that the selected pieces contain only letters, and not drawings, otherwise the manicure may be blurred.

Step 4: Hand Preparation

Apply a fat cream on the skin around the nails (cuticle and side rollers). This is required so that newspaper ink is not imprinted on it. Sometimes when they are scrubbed, the manicure spoils.manicure with newspaper instruction

Step 5: Work with the newspaper

A beautiful manicure using a newspaper is performed in two ways, each of which is different in its own way. Standard option: attach the cut pieces to the nails. Moisten a cotton pad in alcohol or vodka, then press it to a newspaper. Hold for a few seconds (10-15), then remove. Remove the pieces with tweezers so as not to smear the print.

Manicure with a newspaper without alcohol is performed somewhat differently: cuts are put in warm water for a few seconds. Then with the help of tweezers are transferred to the nails, pressed with a cotton disc so as not to smear the picture. Then the newspaper is removed.

Step 6: Applying the Fixer

After the drawing has been transferred to the nails, it is allowed to dry for 5-10 minutes. Only then applied fixer for manicure. It is not recommended to use a simple transparent varnish, as it often smears a newspaper print. The fixative is dried, the excess hand cream is removed with a cotton swab.manicure with a newspaper without alcohol

Special design

Manicure with the help of the newspaper is performed not only with standard letters from the publication. Often, girls are specifically looking for issues where small notes or treble clefs are drawn, which, when applied to the nails, look very impressive.

For those who have already tried out "newspaper design", it may be advisable to make it more original. For example, with burnt edges. To do this, the selected pieces of newspaper scorch a little match or a lighter, allowed to cool. Then put them on the nails, pressed with alcohol. Prints full letters and design, and burned edges. It looks stylish and unusual.

Sometimes newspaper manicure supplement and decorative elements. For example, rhinestones or painting, bouillon and beads for nail art. They are laid out exclusively on the fixer, and then again they overlap.

Common mistakes

Many are faced with the problem of smearing a picture. To avoid this, it is necessary to strictly follow the rule: if a newspaper is pressed loosely, then it is better not to move it and not to worry. Just on one of the nails the picture will not be as bright as on the other. You can then beat it with rhinestones or painting.

Sometimes the letters on the nails are scattered: on one nail in one direction, on the other - in another. To avoid this, you need to pre-pick the same pieces of newspaper, where the font is the same, and looks the same way. That is, do not confuse the sides for the impression.

The conclusion of the newspaper manicure

It is believed that the simpler and easier the design is executed, the more original and interesting it is. Newspaper manicure is fully consistent with this. Firstly, it is really easy to do it yourself on both hands. Secondly, no special materials are required (a newspaper — that is, in almost every home). Thirdly, such a manicure is always appropriate, interesting and can be varied, if you show imagination. For example, the finished design can be overlapped with varnish and gloss to give it iridescence and beauty.

Many students and schoolgirls use newspaper manicure to print cribs on it. And it is very resourceful and interesting. Few of the teachers will pay attention to a simple and discreet manicure, where not a newspaper is printed, but small cribs.

To avoid mistakes at runtime, you just need to follow the tips described above.Newspaper manicure is recognized as one of the most simple in design by design that only exists. It can be done independently, without asking the salon for help. Color newspapers, by the way, look more original and more interesting than black and white. But the latter are recognized as classic in many European countries. What to choose? To decide only you.

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