How to lose weight in the hands?

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How to lose weight in the hands?

Searching for different ways on how to lose weightin the hands, usually women are engaged. This is a fairly common problem for girls, not men. The full arms of a girl with normal weight are most often a genetic predisposition. Everything is very individual. One person has extra pounds on his stomach, another on his hips, and someone's hands are full.

Losing weight in the hands is very problematic. Whole as a whole, and your hands will become smaller. Hateful excess fat in the hands area will go away together with fat in other parts of the body with proper nutrition and exercise. Therefore, we will make your hands beautiful and tight, like the whole figure. So, the problem is full hands. How to lose weight? Read and do!

Exercises to lose weight hands

When using a diet should be carried outphysical exercises for the hands at least 2 times a week. Otherwise, the skin in the area of ​​the hands will hang because of weight loss. Before and after exercise, be sure to stretch and stretch the muscles of your hands.

  • Push ups. No matter how you press, the muscles of your arms will be strengthened. But if you want to achieve the best results, you will have to learn how to properly press.
  • Exercises with dumbbells (2 kg). What it takes to lose weight? Take the dumbbells in your hands, pointing the wrists out with your fingers, as if we are preparing to wring out. A little bend in the elbows of the hand. And then raise them to the chest. And now, with springy movements, we raise our hands upwards. Try to perform 50 to 100 repetitions.
  • Another exercise with dumbbells. We sit down on a chair. Straighten your back. The hands are lowered down the body. Alternately, we bend our arms in the elbows and lower them to the starting position.
  • It's good to do exercise with dumbbells over your head. With both hands, keep dumbbells above your head, and then lower them behind your back, bending your arms in your elbows.
  • Take the starting position by sitting on the floor andstretching his legs forward. It's good if you see the clock in front of you. Hands should be placed on the floor near the pelvis. The fingers should be pointed back. Holding on to your hands, tear off the pelvis from the floor and stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds. Do this exercise several times. To test yourself, observe: in the raised position the trunk should form a straight inclined line.
  • Place the chair so that it rests againstanything. Now we squat down on our backs to the chair. Hands on the seat and we will push from the chair 7-10 times. This exercise famously strengthens the triceps.

What to do to make your hands lose weight: massage

Get a firming body cream. And every day, rub it into the upper part of the hands (in the shoulders), adding tingling with your hands. This simple massage can be done by yourself. In addition, use a variety of scrubs and body wraps to improve blood circulation, and rapid fat burning.

How to lose weight in your hands and get rid of cellulite

Cellulite on the hands is another terribleproblem. How to wear beautiful dresses on straps or without them, when this is happening on the pens! To get rid of cellulite and lose weight in your hands, drink plenty of water! You should drink at least two liters of water per day. No juices, no tea, no other liquid - it's water!

Also stock up on coffee, but not for drinkinghim. From it we will do wraps. So, take 70 grams of natural ground coffee and pour it with hot water so that the thicket turns out. Let it cool down a little (about 40 °). While our wraps cool, add a little coffee in the shower gel and make a peeling in the area of ​​the hands. When our thicket has cooled down, put it completely on your hands, and then tightly wrap them with a film. Now you have to wrap your hands with a warm blanket and keep them so for 40-50 minutes. So you found out what to do to make your hands lose weight very quickly.

Swimming is a wonderful sport, with whichfull hands lose weight and get rid of cellulite. Going to the pool will not only benefit, but also inspiration for new feats to overcome problems in the hands.

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