How to knit a shawl?

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How to knit a shawl?

A knitted shawl is the right fit to satisfy the requirements of even the most picky fashionistas. It is unique, beautiful, looks very harmonious with any wardrobe, in addition, it is still very warm, soft and pleasant to wear. I really love things made by hand. They have a positive energy, in addition, they look great, are great to rush and are one of a kind. Even better if you can knit yourself. Then any model that you like may soon appear in your wardrobe.

How to knit a shawl with knitting needles? Information can be found in various sources. Knitting lovers will appreciate this shawl:

How to Knit a Crochet Shawl

For this model, you will spend about two skeins of Super Kydd yarn of the Elann brand. This is a 70% super kid mohair, very pleasant to the touch. For these threads it is better to use needles of 3.5 mm; You will also need a 3.75 mm hook to make an invisible set.Pattern knitting shawls knittingThe density of such knitting is 26 p = 10 cm. The pattern is openwork. The product should turn out to be 30 cm wide, 152 cm long. Steps:

  • Wind off 7 meters from the main thread into a ball, do not break the thread. These threads are needed to tie the bottom edge of the scarf.
  • Contrast the auxiliary thread, knit 80 ce The main thread will serve to raise the front 69 loops of bumps on the back side of the chain.
  • Knit 8 rows of garter stitch. This will be the bottom edge of the scarf.
  • 1-30 rows knit any pattern you like.
  • Repeat 1-30 rows 11 times.
  • 8 rows knit facial for the top edge.
  • Close the resulting loops using picot.
  • For the bottom edge you need to peel a chain of air loops, start with the last. We throw 69 loops on the knitting needle. Now we take that little tangle that we set aside at the beginning of work and close the loops of the lower edge with the help of picot, as in the upper edge.
  • When assembling we hide the ends of the threads. Now soak a shawl in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. To remove excess water, wrap in a towel. Spread out on a flat surface, giving shape, and stabbed with pins. Leave to dry completely.

This model looks very nice and gentle:

How to start knitting a shawl

Crochet shawlsThe size of the shawl when using roving yarn is 190 * 125 cm. Consumption of approximately 400 g of green thread. Crochet number 5.

A shawl consists of motifs - squares and triangles that are stitched together. To connect a square, dial 12. n., we lock them into a ring.

In the first row, dial to lift 1 air. Next, knit 1 vozd. Clause 1 of Art. b / n *, repeat it 10 times. The circle must be closed by connecting the last column with the first one. loop lifting.

In the second row on the segments between the station. b / n the first row you need to knit lush columns (these are columns with 5 naquids).

Between the lush columns fit arches of 5 vozd. n., and the series is closed by an arch, but already from the 3 air. Clause and Art. s / n

For further knitting, follow the scheme:

Crochet Shawl

The triangle fit in the same motif, the number of columns and loops, see scheme 2 for the previous link. When it comes to assembly, recalculate the number of parts. You should have 5 triangles and 21 squares. Performing the 3rd circle, we connect the motifs to each other, using the pattern according to the scheme 3. Do not forget to replace the average airflow. one arch b / n in the arch of the next motive.

Next, you are required to attach the thread at the point that is marked in the scheme with a white arrow, and tie the short sides of the shawl with arches consisting of 5 vozd. each arch (black triangles or squares in the scheme).

Tie the outer sides of the shawl and decorate it with a fringe.

Now you know how to knit a shawl and you can safely get to work. And if you still have questions about the technique of execution, or you can not navigate the verbal description, here you can see how to crochet a shawl. The video will be useful for those who have only learned to knit.

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