How to increase the potency?

The weakening of potency may be of a different nature. If there are serious violations of erectile function or inflammation in the urogenital system, then the best way to get rid of the problem is to contact a specialist.

For occasional problems with potency, the following guidelines may help.

What will help increase the potency in men

When functional disorders of potency in the first place you should pay attention to your lifestyle. Sometimes the reason lies precisely in the wrong ratio of physical activity and calories consumed, in an unbalanced diet, excessive loads, both physical and mental, stress, etc. Let's talk about everything in order and find out how to increase the potency at home.

Point one - food

Male power lies in proper nutrition. These words can be a motto for many women. In order for a man to be able to demonstrate masculine strength in bed, not weakness, there should be a lot of protein in his diet. In addition to products of protein origin, unsaturated fatty acids and complex carbohydrates are required (these are all cereals and grains, as well as fruits with a glycemic index of up to 60).But easily digestible carbohydrates, such as sugar, ice cream, chocolate should be limited. They contribute to an increase in body fat, which adversely affects the production of the main male hormone - testosterone.

You can even, on the contrary, try to raise the level of this hormone by including fermented milk drinks such as tang, airan, koumiss, spices — ginger, cloves, cinnamon, hot chili peppers, hops-suneli, etc., in the menu of your man. nuts. You need to eat at least 130 grams of nuts a day, dividing them into 3 doses and washing down each serving with a glass of goat milk. It is also good to season dishes with fresh herbs - celery, asparagus and spinach are rich in folic acid and omega-3, which increases sexual activity.

Point two - physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle leads to the development of many diseases, including a decrease in potency. Blood circulation becomes sluggish, congestion in the urogenital system. To moderate this situation will help moderate physical activity, including swimming, jogging, and even failure to use the elevator.

In addition, there are special exercises aimed at increasing potency. You just need to strain the muscles of the perineum, and then relax them.These "workouts" can take place at any convenient time, because they are light and invisible to others. It is also good for the muscles of the perineum to exercise on a stationary bike or regular cycling.

Item Three - Emotional Balance

It happens that a completely healthy man may experience problems with potency. This is often the case because of the stress experienced, on the background of intense feelings. Here will help sedatives, a little time, care and understanding of a loved one. If such breakdowns happen too often, then it is worth finding out their cause and trying to eliminate it from your life.

Herbal medicine to help

Many men managed to increase the potency of folk remedies. The correct combination of a number of medicinal plants can have a stimulating effect on the male sex glands, smooth muscles, the nervous system, the blood supply to the pelvic organs.

  • Herbal collection - in the same proportions mixed clover, nettle, St. John's wort and mint.
  • A mixture of tinctures - in one container pour the extract of radioli pink, tincture of ginseng, aralia and zamanihi.This recipe has been known since the time of the ancient Greeks.
  • Essential oils - rose oil and ginger oil.

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