How to glue the paper?

To glue the paper to any surface or glue the sheets together, you need to use glue. But how and how to properly glue the paper? We will now tell about this.

Prepare glue yourself

How to glue a paper, if at hand was notnecessary bubble with glue? You can prepare yourself a paste. To do this, mix flour or starch with water in a proportion from 1: 2 to 1: 5 and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil on fire. The resulting glue can, for example, glue the torn off paper wallpaper, glue the label to a cardboard or wooden box, make a primitive repair of a torn book.

To ensure that the sheets of paper do not warp when bonded, you can grease the surfaces with a paste, combine them and iron with a hot iron.

Jewelery gluing

In the store of stationery you can buy varioustypes of glue. They are suitable for most types of paper. Problems arise when one needs to stick very dense paper, for example, a photo, or very thin, easily tearing paper. In this case, you need to choose the right glue and gluing technology.

How to glue a paper if it is very thin anddelicate? Dextrin adhesive can be used to glue very thin paper. But first glue must be diluted with denatured alcohol. The optimal density of the adhesive can be determined by practical means. Density of finished glue should be similar to the consistency of sugar syrup. It is possible to prepare several small portions of glue of varying density and to stick samples of paper. This will help determine the best glue.

Bulk sticking

If the work is more simple and at the same timemass, for example, posting ads, then you can dilute the wallpaper glue. It retains its properties for several days, and one of its undoubted merits is the ability to remove from any solid surface.

How to glue paper to the glass? To do this, you can use conventional PVA glue. If you do not mind spoiling the glass, you can glue the paper tightly with silicate glue.

Non-standard surfaces

If you do not know how to glue the paper on the fabric, thenThe advice is this: you can use polyethylene film. The shape of the paper product must be transferred to a film and cut out an exact copy. Attach polyethylene and paper applications to the fabric, cover with an auxiliary sheet of paper and press down with a hot iron.

By gluing paper to a wooden, metal orplastic surface, apply glue this surface, as well as paper. To make the connection more durable, the surface after lubrication with glue is left for 30-60 seconds for impregnation, again greased with glue and a paper piece is applied.

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