How to get better in a week: tips and tricks

The Internet and the media are full of articles about how to lose weight quickly. This means that the problem is very relevant. A variety of diets, techniques, exercises designed specifically for those who wish to throw off those extra pounds. However, not everyone knows that while many are on diets for weight loss, some dream of gaining weight and asking themselves: "How to get better in a week?" If you want to quickly gain weight, use the following recommendations.

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Check your health

Many believe that the answer to the question "how to get better in a week" is in an enhanced diet. However, this is not always the right option. Before you change your lifestyle and diet, visit a doctor. After all, often problems with weight occur in the presence of any disease. A person usually cannot recover from chronic dysbiosis, gastrointestinal dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, spinal curvature,the presence of cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the adrenal glands or the thyroid gland, as well as genital infections or parasites. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the body for the presence of these diseases and take up their treatment if detected. After that, the body's work will get better, and you can gain the weight you need.

The main thing - do not be nervous!

And how to get better guy or girl, if there are no health problems? To do this, you need to build your daily routine and change your lifestyle in general. Try to be less nervous. After all, as you know, experiences and stress very much burn calories, and with them muscle mass. So try to keep yourself in hand and not be nervous over any little thing. If you do not succeed, then soothing herbal preparations will come to the rescue. They can be purchased at any pharmacy, and they are completely harmless to the body. Drink them instead of regular tea, and then it will be easier for you to remain calm in all situations.

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Walk in the fresh air

How to get better in a week? Try to spend more time in the fresh air.Try to get into the habit of walking in the evening. This will help you sleep faster and improve the quality of sleep. You do know that a good dream is a prerequisite for those who want to get better soon? In addition, sleep not only promotes weight gain, but also prolongs youth.


Morning exercises and simple exercises three times a week will help you gain weight. How to get better in a week with exercise? To do this, exercise, but do not bring yourself to excessive fatigue. Your task is not to burn too many calories, but to keep your muscles in shape. Exercise will help you increase weight not due to the accumulation of fat, but due to the growth of muscle tissue.

how to get better in a week

Watch out for food

Among other things, do not forget about nutrition. If you follow the above recommendations and lead the right lifestyle, then your appetite should improve markedly. And this is quite important. After all, when a person experiences a feeling of hunger, the necessary digestive bacteria are produced, which help maximize digestion of food. Try to comply with the regime and eat at the same time.Instead of poultry meat, eat mutton or pork. Instead of pollock and hake, eat salmon and pink salmon. The diet should also include seafood, olive oil, nuts, caviar, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, as well as flour and confectionery.

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