How to earn votes Vkontakte

Performing tasks from other sites

In general, these are practically similar tasks, about which we spoke above, but already as advertisers. There are dozens of sites of this kind, but again, not everyone can be relied upon.


We will recommend you the most reliable ones:


    This is a completely new service for vote wrapping. In addition to the tasks that will constantly appear on the site, there is an interesting section “Bonuses for invitations”. For example, if you invite a friend and he performs 10 tasks, you will be credited with bonus likes, which can then be exchanged for votes. You can read more about the “Robolaker” system directly on the company's website.


    One of the best places to earn votes. After logging in, you can immediately begin new tasks and earn points. Later, for these very balls, you can not only earn votes for free, but also exchange them for Yandex.Money, WebMoney or QIWI rubles, and replenish the account on your phone.

  • Gifts-vkontakte.rf.

    It is very easy to earn points here - all you have to do is to join various groups. Actually, the received balls can be immediately exchanged for votes in the “Shop” section. And to join the group you only need to subscribe to the news of the corresponding site, without going to “Contact”.


    Another good service. After completing the assignments, the votes immediately come to your account. There are a lot of tasks here, so you will have the opportunity to get many votes. Join groups, add to friends, put “I like”, repost, invite your friends and so on.

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