How to draw with a needle on the nails?

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How to draw with a needle on the nails?

Well-groomed and beautiful nails of the girl always attract the eye. To achieve the beauty of nails, you can master the technique of drawing on the nails with needles. Everyone can learn to draw with a needle on the nails. Practical training and patience are important here. Patience is not only in meticulous drawing of the smallest lines, points and the like, but also in the fact that you probably will not have to erase what has not happened. You understand that to achieve the perfect picture from the first time will not work, if only because you have to draw and unusual hand for you. How can you learn to draw with a needle on nails, how to make an individual manicure and show off your own work? Let's start.

How to draw with a needle on the nails: preparation

Before we stock up on the necessary equipment:

  • Varnish basis.
  • Needles of different thickness.
  • Contrast color varnishes.
  • Palette. It may be just a sheet of thick paper or cardboard.
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Cotton pads.

Different needles are needed to create different elements: needles are thicker - for large ones, thinner ones - for elegant, thin lines. Also, thin needles should be chosen for those who have small marigolds, owners of long, large nails need thicker needles.

Lacquer is used only fresh, for drawing especially. The lacquer must be liquid, since the old, thickened one will not allow to draw the drawing neatly, and the characteristic "threads" stretching from it will only spoil everything.

Contrast colors will allow to clearly highlight the picture.

Well, liquid and cotton - it is clear, for the cases, if the drawing did not come out. We erase, inspire and calmly continue on.

We draw on nails with a needle: technique

Before you start to draw on the nail, you need to think of what you are going to portray. Imagine that the drawing will need to perform an unusual hand (on the second hand). Remember that the nail is not as flat as paper, you need to take this into account when we draw on the nails with a needle. Videos and photos, of which there is a huge variety on the Internet, will help you choose a drawing, if nothing comes to your mind. See ideas, get inspired, choose.

You can practice on the nails of a friend (mom, maybe even brother will agree). You can immediately on yourself. In general, multiple workouts will be very useful, there is simply no excess. If you wish to draw on your nails, you can train on others, but by drawing with an unusual hand (with your left hand, if you are right handed, and vice versa). False nails are an excellent basis for training, if you want to learn how to draw with a needle on the nails of others. Slap plasticine on the cardboard, and false nails on it and practice! Just remember that false nails are usually long, and people are different.

If you come up with a drawing, consider the size of the nails. Draw on paper the approximate size of the nail, and on it your drawing. Just remember - the nail is not flat. Carefully review the selected picture, imagine where you will begin, what lines or other details to complete. Determine whether it is necessary to let the varnish dry in your drawing or the drawing needs mixing. You can try to draw a drawing with varnish on paper.

If the picture is applied to the base paint, you need to let it dry well, do not rush.

If you are just starting to learn to paint on nails, do not rush to do landscapes. Choose simple drawings, even points of different diameters will look great with their original location and a specific selection of varnish. You need not to be disappointed, but to earn a hand. Gradually move on to more complex details, pictures.

You need to learn to combine speed and accuracy, as you need to have time to form a picture before the varnish dries. If the basis for the picture starts to dry on the nail, everything will only deteriorate.

Put the varnish, which are going to do the drawing, on the palette (piece of paper) and already in this drop dunk the needle. Apply nail polish on the nail. As soon as the droplet begins to thicken, and you feel that the varnish stretches, make a fresh drop.

On the palette you can also mix varnishes, getting new shades.

Try this technology: thickly apply the main varnish on the entire nail. Next, apply a few dots, one after the other with a contrasting lacquer (straight brush). This should be done when the base has not dried yet! After that, with a needle, make circular motions as if mixing these points and mixing them with the main varnish.At the end, make an elegant curl, just waving a needle, forming a tail.

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