How to gradually draw a person with a pencil?

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How to gradually draw a person with a pencil?

It is quite difficult to draw a person in full growth, because here it is necessary to know not only how to draw separate parts of the body, but also how to put them together. After all, the future design depends on the correct layout and proportionality. The article will talk about how to gradually draw a person with a pencil.

Draw a man

To draw a person with a pencil, you need to prepare:

  • a sheet of paper (not thin);
  • simple pencils (2HD);
  • eraser;
  • napkins.

Draw a person in several stages.


In order to draw a person with a pencil, first make a sketch of a full-length without drawing individual elements. The sketch should resemble the silhouette of a person. Very often, by drawing a person, one can be mistaken with proportions, and the hands may be too long or short, the head - small or, on the contrary, too large. To avoid these moments, it is necessary to break the human body into 7 equal parts, each part must be equal to the head with the neck.humanIn this way, proportionality of the human body can be achieved.

The main elements of the body

Since the drawing of the head is the most difficult moment, it is customary to leave it at last. Begin mostly with arms and legs. Draw the circumference of the arms, legs, shoulder and elbow joints. Do not forget about the brush. Drawing fingers takes a lot of time, so at the initial stage you can draw a person whose hands are hidden in his pockets or behind his back. If your man wears shoes, then at this stage it must be drawn.

In addition, it is necessary to check the proportionality of the figure again, since in the next steps it will be quite difficult to correct the errors if they appear.

Here are added items of clothing.

Removing unnecessary items

At this stage it is necessary to remove all auxiliary lines and elements that were applied in the previous stages. By removing unnecessary elements, on the one hand, you can visualize a person and see what needs to be corrected, and on the other hand, you can revive your hero.

Face drawing

The image of the main elements of the face is the most difficult moment, since the facial expression and in general the whole person depend on the correctness of the image.

  1. First you need to draw the center line of the face, which will divide it into two parts. This line may be snake-like (depending on how the human head is located).
  2. Next, you need to add arcuate hairline and the back of the head.
  3. The next stage is the division of the face into the main parts by perpendicular lines to the central one. You should have 5 lines (top to bottom):
    1. - the allocation of hair on the forehead;
    2. - eyebrow level;
    3. - eye level;
    4. - the lower part of the nose;
    5. - the middle part of the mouth.
  4. Dividing the face into parts, it is necessary to draw the ears, which are located between 3 and 5 lines. You also need to add the correct neck lines.
  5. Now you should go to the main elements. If a person wears glasses or has very large eyebrows, then these elements are drawn first. It should be noted that it is necessary to draw from left to right and from top to bottom. In order not to smudge hand-drawn elements, you can use a napkin, which is substituted by hand. Draw eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth first. At the first stages draw only the main elements, gradually adding details.If a person has wrinkles or a beard, then they are also added at this stage.
  6. Next, you need to add hair on the contour.
  7. When all major elements are added, you can remove all auxiliary lines and inaccuracies.

Final stage

At the very end, when all elements are drawn and corrected, it is necessary to go to the shadows, which are also made with a pencil in those places that are less clarified.

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