How to decorate glasses?

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How to decorate glasses?

In Soviet times, the choice of glasses fornewlyweds did not pay too much attention. Most often they were the same as those invited to the wedding, in the best case for the newlyweds bought heavyweight crystal wine glasses, which they smashed to happiness under the enthusiastic cries of the guests immediately after the wedding ceremony. Now the traditions have changed and wedding glasses, along with the wedding album and engagement rings, have become a kind of family heirloom. They are carefully stored in a closet and brought to light on the days of anniversaries of living together. In addition, glasses are an integral attribute of the wedding ceremony - they are photographed in the hands of the bride and groom, they all evening decorate the festive table, and then flash in the video footage. Therefore, it is quite understandable that each bride's desire to decorate wedding glasses is as elegant and original as possible.

How to decorate glasses with your own hands

Decorating glasses on their own is a great idea. If you try and do everything beautifully and accurately, then as a result you will get unique wedding-glasses, just like you want. You can decorate glasses in many ways - if God gave you a little painting ability, paint them on the glass, if you are deprived of such a gift, use lace, rhinestones, ribbons and flowers to decorate the glasses. In addition, you can apply a beautiful engraving on the glasses, but you can not do without the help of a specialist.

How to decorate glasses with lace

To decorate the glasses with lace you will needhigh, clear glasses of glasses for champagne, glue Super Moment "Crystal" and white lace. When buying lace, do not be stingy - cheap kapron samples for such a thing do not work. Lace must be tight, openwork, wound from silkBeautiful glassesThread, its width, determine themselves depending on the height of their glasses.

  • Attach the ribbon of lace to the rim of the glass,determine the desired length and cut the lace. The best result can be achieved if it is possible to paste the lace end to end, combining the edges of its teeth. If you are not sure about your eye, from inside the glass put a marker on the control risks, on them you will check the location of the upper edge of the lace (they can then be easily wiped with cotton wool soaked in alcohol).
  • Small glitters of glue apply along the top and bottom edge of the lace and in places of cut, with a clear movement wrap the lace around the glass, press it with your fingers to the glass and hold it for a while.
  • Next, it's up to your imagination - you can paste small strasses, half-beads on the lace in some places, tie the leg of the glass with a satin ribbon, etc.

How to decorate glasses with rhinestones

Rhinestones are better to take small and transparent. To glue them to the glass, you can use the same Super Moment. Decide in what order you will paste the rhinestones - to create from them a simple drawing, such as a dove or heart, orGlassespost them with the initials of the bridegroom or bride.

  • A beautiful effect can be achieved usingRhinestones of the same color, but of different sizes. To do this, at the base of the corolla of the glass, larger crystals are chaotically glued, laying them thicker, and smoothly passing to the top, gluing less and less often pebbles.
  • If you chose the drawing orletter, then at first clearly draw them on a thin white sheet, put it inside the glass, press it against the wall in the right place and firmly fix it. On the contour, which will be visible through the glass, paste one after the other you have crystals. It is most convenient to do this with a small pair of tweezers.

We decorate glasses with flowers

GlassesFor this kind of jewelry is better to usesmall, qualitatively made artificial flowers. They are made usually from satin ribbons or from cold porcelain. Not necessarily all the flowers should be the same color. A small composition, collected from flowers of different sizes and a few pastel shades, will look much more interesting,

Flowers with glue are strengthened either on the rim of the glass orat the base of his legs. Then the glass is additionally decorated with the same satin ribbons, feathers and pearl half-beads. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it, remember that everything should be in moderation.

Wedding glasses with engraving

Such glasses from afar look not enougheffectively, therefore, if you ordered the master engraving in the form of monograms, intertwined hearts or kissing pigeons, you still have to decorate your glasses. This can be done by fixing on their legs wreaths of flowers and feathers, or tying on them curvy bows from several ribbons, for example white satin and gold brocade.

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