How to create a cosiness?

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How to create a cosiness?

In a cozy house or apartment you want to be likecan be longer. Create an atmosphere of warmth in your home with your own hands. To do this, you can use decorative elements, as well as various household items. We offer you some tips for creating a cozy home.

Cozy lighting

The room will become much more comfortable if youinstall in it not only a chandelier, but also additional lamps (you can use spotlights), floor lamps and sconces. But be sure to select them in accordance with the style of the interior to create a harmonious environment.

Choosing Textiles

A huge role in the interior of the house and apartment playstextile. So, with the help of curtains of warm tones you can easily create an atmosphere of coziness. But be sure to follow from their width - it should be 1.5 times wider than the window. Then the curtains will have beautiful folds. Do not hang dark curtains on the windows. They will create an overloaded environment in which it will be uncomfortable to be. For tulle it is better to use light material, excellent for this cream, white or beige organza with simple embroidery or ornaments.


For decoration of the dwellinguse vases, photographs (in wooden or glass frames), figurines, candlesticks, paintings and so on. Excellent in the interior of the house and apartment looks crystal, but it is important that he had a rich and deep - then you will create a cozy home.

Pictures should be chosen with neutralcompositions, you can take canvases with landscapes and natural motifs. Be sure to purchase a wide ribbed frame for them. Vases are chosen in the color of the walls, on the furniture you can arrange sea shells, ceramics and various figurines.

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A cozy and cozy environment will help to create houseplants. In each room is recommended to put no more than four pots of flowers. If it's a kitchen, thenComfortyou can do with a couple of small plants. In the lobby, place the thermophilic flowers. In the living room you can arrange large outdoor plants, for example, it can be a palm tree, Chinese rose, ficus. In the bedroom, you can put a Kalanchoe and aloe, as they not only create a cozy, but also conducive to the health situation, because at night actively produce oxygen.

Pay attention to smells

It is proved that smells in the house affect the moodand the human psyche. Therefore, it is recommended to burn aromatic sticks and candles more often, use air fresheners. At the same time, ventilate the house regularly, so that it does not have stale air.

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