How to craft in Minecraft?

When playing Minecraft, you can see that in the creative mode, all types of game blocks, as well as all game items, are initially available. But when you start the game in survival mode, you start playing with an empty inventory. How to make all these blocks and objects? Getting the necessary resources may be somewhat difficult, but possible. The most important question is how to craft in Minecraft? After all, to create new blocks and items you need to know their recipes.

Creating objects and blocks

You started a new game in survival mode, but you have nothing in your inventory. Building blocks and all the necessary tools need to be made independently from the resources that need to be mined.

Opening the inventory, you can see that there are special crafting cells. There are only four of them and this is not enough to make complex objects, but it is enough to create torches, boards, wooden sticks, etc. For complex items need a workbench that can be created in inventory. More information about the general principles of creating things in the game can be found in the article - How to do things in Minecraft. First, find a tree in the game and collect some blocks of wood.

Basic recipes

  • Boards. Put in the inventory any block of wood and get 4 blocks of boards. They are a building material, they also make a workbench.
  • Crafting table. Place in each cell of the field for crafting a block of boards (you need 4 in total) and get a workbench. It is needed to create more complex items.
  • Sticks. Place two blocks of boards vertically and get 4 wooden sticks. They are the basis for weapons, torches and some other items.
  • Stove. To create a stove, it is necessary to extract 8 blocks of cobblestone and place them in a workbench around the perimeter, leaving the central cell empty. The stove allows you to handle some resources and create new blocks.
  • Chest. Requires 8 blocks of boards. The blocks need to be arranged the same way as when creating the stove. In chests store various items and resources. Put two nearby and get a big chest.
  • Anvil. Requires 3 iron blocks and 4 iron bars. Anvil allows you to repair and rename items.

Creating blocks

  • Block of minerals. Such blocks allow for more compact storage of resources such as gold bars, red dust, ultramarine, diamonds, emeralds and coal.
  • Glowing stone It is created from four units of light dust. It is used to illuminate the terrain.
  • Wool.It is mainly harvested from sheep, but if there are four filaments, it can be crafted. It is used as a decorative block that can be painted.
  • Colored wool is created from the usual block of wool with the addition of dye.
  • From two identical blocks of wool, you can make a carpet. Just a decorative block.
  • Painted glass. To get a block of colored glass, you need 8 blocks of ordinary glass and a dye. Decorative building material.
  • Dynamite. 5 units of powder and 4 blocks of any sand will create a block of dynamite. Be careful when exploding, the block causes serious damage and destroys the blocks surrounding it.
  • Plate. The building block, which in height corresponds to half the block. It is created from three blocks of stones, sandstone, quartz block, hell brick or ordinary brick, planks and cobblestones.
  • Steps. The building block is created from six blocks of planks, brick, cobblestone, hell brick, quartz block, sandstone and stone brick.
  • Snow block. Created from four snowballs. Decorative and building block.
  • Snow. You can create from three blocks of snow. Fits like slabs. You can create structures of different thickness.Just a decorative block.
  • Clay block 4 units of clay allow you to create a clay block. Designed for compact storage of clay.
  • Painted clay. 8 blocks of baked clay (burned in a furnace) and any dye will allow you to get 8 blocks of painted clay. Decorative building material.
  • Brick block. 4 brick units allow you to get one brick block. Construction material.
  • Stone brick. It is similar to ordinary brick, but for its reception 4 stone blocks are necessary.
  • Hell of a brick. Similar to the previous two. To create a block you need 4 hellish bricks.
  • Bookcase. 6 blocks of boards and 3 books will make a bookcase. Just a decorative element.
  • Sandstone. Use 4 blocks of sand to create a block of sandstone. Used as a building material.
  • Smooth sandstone. 4 blocks of any sandstone can be turned into smooth sandstone. Also used in construction.
  • Decorative sandstone. You can create two sandstone slabs. Construction decorative material.
  • Jack's lamp. For crafting need a pumpkin and a torch. A decorative block that illuminates the terrain.


  • Ax, pickaxe, shovel and hoe.To create them, you need 2 sticks and resources such as: boards, cobblestone, iron and gold ingots, diamonds (for the ax and pickaxe 3 blocks, for the shovel 1, for the hoe 2). The ax is used for cutting wood, picking stones and ore, a shovel is used for digging, and a hoe for extracting seeds and plowing the ground.
  • Flint or lighter. To obtain it you need an ingot of iron and flint. It is used to ignite the fire.
  • Bucket. For the manufacture of the required 3 iron ingots. Allows you to carry lava, water and milk.
  • Compass. 4 iron bars and a unit of red dust can be turned into a compass. His arrow always points to the place where your character is reborn after the death.
  • Map. Of the eight sheets of paper and a compass can make a map of the area.
  • Clock. They are made in the same way as the compass, but instead of iron bars, gold is needed. Show the time of day.
  • Fishing rod. For its manufacture need 3 sticks and 2 units of thread. It is used to catch fish, which can then be baked.
  • Scissors. For the manufacture requires only 2 iron bars. Used for shearing sheep, collecting fern, grass, vines, foliage and dry bushes.


  • Sword. To make a sword, you need one stick and two blocks of planks, a cobblestone, two iron or gold ingots, or two diamonds. It is used to protect and attack.
  • Bow.3 sticks and 3 thread units allow you to make a bow. Arrows are required for use.
  • Arrow. For the manufacture of arrows need a stick, feather and flint.


The following resources are needed to make armor: leather, iron or gold ingots, diamonds. To create shoes you need 4 resource units, for a helmet 5 units, for a leg of 7, and for a cuirass, 8 units.


  • Trolley. 5 iron bars can be turned into a trolley. Designed to transport players and game creatures.
  • Trolley with a stove. Using a workbench, add a stove to a regular trolley. Pushes other trolleys if coal is loaded into it.
  • Trolley with a chest. It is created similarly to the previous one, but instead of the stove a chest is used. In such a trolley can carry various things.
  • Rails. Conventional rails are created using a stick and six iron bars. Trolleys will ride only on rails.
  • Electric rails. They are similar to the previous ones, but gold is used instead of iron ingots, and red dust is also needed.
  • Pressure rails. Similar to conventional rails, but instead of a stick you need to use any pressure plate, as well as red dust. Activated by trolleys.
  • A boat.From 5 blocks of boards it is possible to assemble a boat for movement on water.


  • The door, one of the most important mechanisms at the beginning of the game. The door will protect you and your home from various game monsters. It can be made from any type of boards (6 blocks are needed) or from iron ingots (6 bars are needed). Wooden door by clicking the mouse, iron - with a button or lever.
  • Wooden hatch. To create you need 6 blocks of boards. It is opened by clicking the mouse or using the button, lever.
  • Iron hatch. To create an iron hatch you need only 4 iron ingots. Opens exclusively with a lever or button.
  • Pressure plate For the production of necessary two blocks of boards or stone. Activated when a player or creature strikes. Need to activate the mechanisms.
  • Button. It is created from a single block of boards or stone. Activates doors or any other mechanisms.
  • Lever arm. For the production of need a stick and cobblestone. Activates items like a button.


  • A cup. The cup is made of three blocks of boards. Essential for cooking stew mushrooms.
  • Stewed mushrooms. Brown and red mushrooms are required for cooking, as well as a cup.Restores the scale of hunger.
  • Bread. Place 3 units of wheat on the workbench and get bread. Restores the scale of hunger.
  • Biscuit. For the preparation of required 2 units of wheat and a unit of cocoa beans. Restores the scale of hunger.
  • Sheaf of hay Produced from nine units of wheat. Designed for compact storage of wheat.
  • Seeds of watermelon or pumpkin. Place a slice of watermelon or pumpkin on the workbench and get the seeds to grow.

Now you know how to craft various items into minecraft.

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