How to cook meatballs?

Norwegian and German bugs, Turkish andIranian kyufta, French croquettes, Italian fritatella. And in Russian this dish sounds like meatballs. Small balls of minced meat for many Russians is a favorite dish, but not everyone knows how to cook meatballs, like a few, they know the classic recipe for their preparation. Let's try to publish it and talk about in which areas of cooking can be used meatballs how much to cook them and whether it is possible to fry.

The recipe for making meatballs

The main ingredient for meatballs, of course, is minced meat. It can be made from almost any meat, can contain different variations of meat of different varieties, and even fish. So, the recipe for meatballs.

  • Minced meat-500 gr.
  • Onion-1 medium bulb.
  • Egg is one piece.
  • Salt, pepper and greens to taste.

Turn the meat in a meat grinder or grind itfood processor, blender. If you want to get an "air" mass, rotate it twice. Finely chop the onion and add egg-paste, herbs and seasonings to the mince. After a good kneading, form small balls with the size of an average sink weighing 15-20 grams.

The resulting half-finished meatballs can beare cooked in different ways. You can cook meatballs, having thus received tasty and nutritious meat broth. To get it, let the meatballs into the boiling water. How much to cook meatballs in such water? Literally 20 minutes, and your first dish will be ready.

If you want to serve this meat dish asan integral part of the Italian pasta, then do not forget to grate in them parmesan and ground breadcrumbs, and do not boil the meatballs, and fry in a pan with olive oil with the addition of tomato sauce or tomato paste. Then serve them with boiled pasta. And of course, such chopped meat products can be used for cooking classic soup with meatballs, whose taste we each remember from childhood.

In conclusion, a couple of tips formeatballs were delicious: do not add flour and egg to them if you want them to be gentle. For the piquancy of taste, add finely chopped garlic in mince meat stuffs.

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